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The Rough Collie shares it origins with the Smooth Collie in the working sheepdogs of Scotland. The earliest Collies were smaller than today's dogs and largely black/white or tricolour or black/tan. The first sable, Old Lockie, born in 1868 caused a sensation and from that time the sable/white become the most popular colour. However, the tricolour and the blue merle are still very much evident in the breed.

It was not until 1870 that there were separate classes for “Sheepdogs Rough” and “Sheepdogs Smooth”. The founder of the Kennel Club Mr S.E. Shirley promoted the Rough Collie and Queen Victoria brought some from Balmoral to her Royal Estates including Windsor Castle.

The Collie Association is a Nationwide Breed Club dedicated to the promotion of the Rough Collie, with Committee members, Officers or Representatives throughout the United Kingdom.

It aims to achieve its objectives by:
Promoting the breeding and exhibition of pedigree Rough Collies
Giving help and encouragement to novice and hobby breeders
To do all possible to further the progress and health of the breed as a whole




Collie Association Ch Show 24th September 2021 to be held with Birmingham National
Mrs P Sewell - Rough Collie Dogs
Ms J Skilbeck (Aberthorne) - Rough Collie Bitches
Mrs S M Wigglesworth (Sandiacre) Referee

Postal entries closing 23rd August
Online 5th September

If anyone requires a paper schedule please email the Secretary -


Collie Association Ch Show 28th November 2021
Mr A Wight (Sharval) - Rough Collie Dogs
Ms T Wilkinson (Altricia) - Rough Collie Bitches
Mrs M Grindley (Lanrue) - Smooth Collies (No CC's)
Mrs A Hollywood (Amalie) - BIS/Referee

History Timeline

2019 Officers and Committee
Patron – Mr D Smith, President – Mrs S M Wigglesworth, Chairman – Mr T Hayward,
Secretary – Miss S M Telford, Treasurer – Mrs F Kaye,
Show Manager - Mr J Congdon

Mrs A Hollywood, Mrs E Kitchen, Mrs S Hawkins, Mrs V Cronk,
  Mrs M Grindley, Ms A French, Ms T Wilkinson

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