Useful Links
The links below are intended as additional to those given throughout this site, and should enlarge on our stated aim of increasing awareness on relevant Canine subjects in general and Rough Collie interests in particular.
The Committee of the Collie Association
Collie Information


Kennel Clubs

The United Kingdom’ Canine Ruling Body covering a wide range of subjects, including Registrations, Crufts and Discover Dogs


The leading canine authority in Scotland.


The Irish canine regulatory authority.


Regulatory authority for much of the world including Europe.


The USA’s leading canine regulatory authority.

Canine Newspapers

The United Kingdom’s oldest canine newspaper with an extensive, subscription based, online archive.

Health and Welfare

Promoting and sustaining public confidence in veterinary medicine and practitioners.


Promoting high scientific and educational standards in small animal medicine and surgery.


The national representative body for the veterinary profession and Kennel Club partner on Various health schemes


The science behind animal welfare providing specialist veterinary clinical, diagnostic and surgical services to companion animals.


DEFRA government department responsible for Animal, Rural and Environmental affairs.

Collie Rescue (Rough and Smooth) UK
Rough and Smooth Collie Training Association