Open Show 2009
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs I Beaden
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs J Sykes

BPD/BD/BPIS/BIS - Ladnar Kingfisher
RBD - Country's Dream King for a Day
BB/BOSIS - Corydon Dark Margarrita
RBB Emryks Rubies Love for Lingwell

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Lavinia Rose Georgie Boy
2nd Aldermeade Imperial Affair
3rd Cotswoldway Solomons Gold
Res Uffspring Utterly in my Soul

Puppy Dog
1st Ladnar Kingfisher BPD/BD/BPIS/BIS
2nd Corydon Once in a Blue Moon
3rd Lavinia Rose Georgie Boy
Res Wicani Jewel in the Rough
VHC Kiaminogues Paint in Black

Yearling Dog
1st Mystic Touch of Tremaro
2nde Elshajo Armani Moon
3rd Flamin' Legeng Darian with Wicani
Res Lanlin Brackensthedaddy
Res Peptide Butter Side Up

Novice Dog
1st Wicani Jewel in the Rough
2nd Peptide Butter Side Up

Graduate Dog
1st Mystic Touch of Tremaro
2nd Aqualita Midas Touch
3rd Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth
Res Boughlee Midnight Storm
VHC Brooklynson Casablanca

Post Graduate Dog
1st Takhisis High Voltage
2nd Saganan Aristotle
3rd Mertrisa Extra Cool
Res Karibunu Apache
VHC Lingwell Lieutenant

Limit Dog
1st Antoc Ice 'n' Fire
2nd Lynmead Love is in the Car at Cassaby
3rd Salsina Storm in a Teacup at Colyheart
Res Valleyhaven First Footer
VHC Boughlee Black Domino

Open Dog
1st Country's Dream King for a Day JW RBD
2nd Antoc Dark Moon Rising JW
3rd Tanzenny Trujillo JW

Veteran Dog
1st Stokedale Shadow Blaster
2nd Gemastra Teasy Weasy of Chelinor
3rd Jemara Striker at Jimjack
Res Lanlin Makemineadouble
VHC Peptide Butter Down Ben

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Brilyn Goodbye to Love
2nd Uffspring Unchained Melody over Barrenclough
3rd Moyles Miss Dior
Res Lyndale Summer Lovin at Rahlissa
VHC Brilyn Platinum Gift for Shasam

Puppy Bitch
1st Samhaven Treasured Charm
2nd Lanrue Lilly Ann
3rd Lanlin Carryonlovin'
Res Takhisis Lady Elektra
VHC Ladnar Mystic Maid

Yearling Bitch
1st Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa
2nd Francheska from Antoc
3rd Wicani Crowning Glory

Novice Bitch
1st Samhaven Treasured Charm
2nd Lanrue Lilly Ann
3rd Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa
Res Kiaminogues Country Lady
VHC Brilyn Platinum Lustre

Graduate Bitch
1st Corydon Darkk Margarite
2nd Tanzenny Ebony Eyes
3rd Danfrebek Pure Design for Moyles
Res Brilyn Goody Two Shoes at Shasam
VHC Jopium Blue Touch for Mertrisa

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Jamesfair a Little Patience
2nd Brilyn Finesse
3rd Mosspark Sugar 'n' Spice for Lavinia Rose
Res Gemastra Fanne Anne with Chelinor
VHC Jaymarx Midnight Star at Brodcol

Limit Bitch
1st Emryks Rubies Love for Lingwell
2nd Samhaven Summer Nights at Lyndale
3rd Ladnar Specially for u at Kiamonigue
Res Emryks Heavens Above at Tyfield
VHC Karibuni Tennessee Waltz

Open Bitch
1st Ch Bluchip Skymaiden with Rusforth
2nd Kazsmith Spooktacular
3rd Brilyn See the Difference
Res Up Close Du Clos Des Duchesses at Steelhurst
VHC Stokedale Summer Love

Veteran Bitch
1st Pelido Silver Spirit