Collie Skeleton Abnormalities

Few can be surprised that in a species that varies in size as much as the dog, problems with skeleton formation, whether genetic, environmental, or traumatic will form a major problem for all breeders.

There are a large number of recognised joint and skeletal abnormalities that affect the canine race, only some of which have a genetic foundation. Several are breed specific or confined to those breeds at either extreme of the size spectrum.

The Kennel Club, with the active assistance of the British Veterinary Association, currently host two schemes that it is hoped will help control and manage two of the more debilitating conditions that affect several breeds. The names of dogs passing through these schemes published quarterly in the Kennel Club’s Breed Record Supplement, along with their recorded results.

Of all the known joint or skeletal abnormalities to affect the various breeds of dogs only one is recognised as applying to the Rough Collie. Of the two conditions covered by BVA/KC schemes; Elbow Dysplasia is mainly confined to larger heavier breeds with rapid early growth patterns and is not thought to affect the Collie.
Hip Dysplasia

Is caused by a mal-formation of the hip joint that affects several breeds including the Rough Collie, and although there is no proof that this condition is wholly inherited it is generally considered advisable to buy a puppy from a litter where at least one parent is hip scored, this being more important if you intend to either breed or show.

If you are considering breeding from your puppy it is desirable to have it hip scored under the official BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme as soon as possible after the age of 12 months.

The current mean or average score for Rough Collies is 12 and a combined hip score of 10 (left and right hip scores added together) is considered reasonable as long as the proposed partner also has a reasonable score.
Steve Dean Article

Steven Dean produced an interesting article for Dog World entitled “A Vets View”, where he discussed Hip Dysplasia and polygenic inheritance” and the complex issues that surround this condition. Steve has kindly given us permission to provide this article as a download, to enable us to provide further views and information.

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Breed Mean Scores

Steve Dean - a Vets View - Download (PDF)