There are several suspected or potentially harmful active ingredients used in a variety of medications from over-the-counter parasitic elimination preparations to strong anti-cancer drugs.

The Kennel Club insists that all breed societies appoint a ‘Health Co-ordinator’ responsible for monitoring the general health status of their own breed, and capable of reporting changes and developments back to the relevant Kennel Club authority. In the Collie Association this responsibility has been delegated to Mrs Val Geddes, who will gladly advise enquirers on any Health Issue including official BVA/KC Health Schemes and the most acceptable methods of avoiding or combating any suspected problem.

The ‘Collie Association aims to encourage all Rough Collie breeders and exhibitors to contribute their thoughts, opinions and experiences on a variety of debates that currently exercise the minds of those who endeavour to promote the general health and well being of the breed.

The Rough Collie’s natural unexaggerated form has protected it from many of the inherited conditions which plague some dog breeds, however like all species, including our own, it is susceptible to a few inherited conditions, which responsible breeders endeavour to minimize as much as possible by the careful monitoring, and selection of breeding stock.

Kennel Club document on the Rough Collie, with information on health screening and breeding restrictions HERE

Currently there are four know genetic abnormalities that affect the Rough Collie in the United Kingdom, these covered on subsequent pages:

Hip Dysplasia

Collie Eye Anomaly

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Drug Sensitivity

For more general notes on health care please view our Collie Care page

Please see the BVA website for a current list of eye examiners HERE