Collie Association Open Show May 2019
SAC Smooth Collies

I would like to thank those who entered these SAC classes. There were no Smooth puppies entered, so I started with

Special Yearling. 5 entries, 0 absent.


1st Naulls and Baker Foxearth Fudge Wynele - 13 months old sable/white bitch. Caught my eye as she entered the ring. Well balanced head, flat skull, well filled muzzle with correctly placed stop, used her ears well to complete the picture. Well arched neck of good length set in well angulated shoulders, good fore chest and depth of rib. Good straight fore limb with correct amount of bone. Level top line with good rear angulation. Moved with drive with good length of stride.

2nd Benton Oakestelle Artemis - 23 month old feminine blue bitch with a sweet expression. Good length of neck, firm top line, well let down hocks. Showed and handled well.

3rd Moores - Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi

Open 7 entries, 0 absent

1st Smith Winter is Coming to Tentola. Blue dog almost 3 years. Masculine dog with good bone and angulations, well arched neck and strong top line, good length of tail carried well when he moves around the ring

2nd Naulls & Baker Wynele Vaguely Blue - 15 month old blue of good colour, clean well balanced head with correctly placed eyes and stop, with good ear set, all giving a sweet expression. Showed well.

3rd Benton Oakestelle Venus de Milo

Judge - Vanessa Cronk