Collie Association Open Show
April 2018
Smooth Collies - SAC

Thank you to the committee of the CA for inviting me to judge these classes  and to the exhibitors for their entries

Puppy  5

1 Benton's OAKESTELLE ARTEMIS - 10 month blue merle bitch of nice type. Good head with correct stop and well shaped eye. Lovely neck and outline and extremely well schooled. Just needs to grow on and mature all through. Would prefer less white but still a very nice youngster. Moved well.

2  Hooley's  FOXEARTH FASHION FOR JAGENTRAUM  - 7 month tri of nice size for age. Good muzzle and underjaw, correct stop .Used her ears well but tips a bit heavy at present. Moved and showed well and with maturity, should do well

3  Kinsey's - WESTBRIDGE BLUE FIELD - 9 month blue and not as well schooled as those above her. However she is promising with a good head, nice eye and ears and good conformation. Just needs to get herself together on the move.

Special Yearling 4 (1)

1  French's - WYNELE ALICE BLUE GOWN WITH BRECKAMORE - well grown young lady of substance . Good colour, well made body, strong neck and good topline. Good front, deep chest and correct amount of bone. Good head with flat skull, good ears and pleasing eye and expression. Showed and moved really well.

2  Moore's  - MANORDEIFI BOW REGARD - s/w male of good size and substance and in good condition, good head with expressive dark eyes and good ears. Showed well and moved ok behind but flapped his feet coming forward.

3  Tiranti's - WYNELE SEA CAPTAIN GARTHFIELD - blue male who I found a little deep through in head. Good neck and strong body but rather narrow in front. Moved OK .

Open 11 (4)

1 Carpenter's - PLAISANCE EVA LA BELLE - well balanced blue bitch with a good head with correct stop, flat skull, good muzzle, dark eyes, good ears and sweet expression. Well made body with good angulation front and rear. Moved very well.

2  Kinsey's - RYCOMBE JOVIAL JASMINE OF STURTMOOR - s/w with a good outline. Nice depth to body and level topline . Slightly stronger in head than 1 but still all in proportion. Moved well.

3  Peacock's - BLAMORDER BACK TO THE START FOR SARANETH - tri in super condition , black coat gleaming . Pleasing head with dark eyes and well placed ears. Good depth of chest and good in outline . moved well .

Sue Hawkins  (Judge )