MAY 2018

Thank you to the officers and committee of The Collie Association for inviting me to judge the special award classes at its open show and thank you to the exhibitors who entered their dogs under me.
All dogs were clean and well groomed, a credit to their owners but please don’t forget teeth. 

Special puppy 1 entry

Lockyer’s  Think of me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj,
10 month old sable dog in lovely condition and well off for bone. Lovely body shape with good reach of neck and back. Good shoulder and bend of stifle. Head is clean with flat skull and no flaring through the cheeks, eyes are well set and ears were on top and used well. He moved fluidly and confidently, nice puppy.

Special Yearling 5 entries 2 absent

1st Randall’s Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar JW
20months Blue bitch of good colour, elegant outline from well angulated shoulder and good length of neck, her back is firm and stifles well bent, she has nice tight feet. Her head is balanced and clean with well set eyes and ears. She moved very well.

2nd Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell
18 months shaded sable dog, all male, with a wealth of coat and lovely round bone. Good neck and length of back and well angulated both ends. His head is well moulded with an appealing expression and he uses his ears well. Gave his handler a hard time on the move but when settled moved well.

3rd McDade’s Fridens Captivation with Lyndale.
22months Blue bitch, lovely outline and good colour, nice shoulder and good bend of stifle, excellent length of tail. Her head is clean and balanced with a flat skull and well placed eyes, hers ears are on top of her head and she used them well. Her movement was fluid with a good length of stride but she moved a little close behind.

Special Open 10 entries 2 absent

1st Humphrey’s Brilyns Guilty Pleasure is Shazam
Golden sable bitch just coming back into coat. She is well proportioned with good length of neck and back and strong short hocks. She has a lovely soft expression from well set eyes of good shape, her cheeks are clean and her skull is flat, her ears are where they should be and she uses them when asked. She moved very well with a good stride and keeping her tail down.

2nd McDade’s Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale
Shaded sable bitch, well put together, balanced bitch with good angles both ends. Her head is lovely, clean with required stop and flat skull, eyes and ears well placed give a true Collie expression,  she moved well but was a little happy with her tail.

3rd   Randall’s Ladnar Inkheart JW
Very shapely tri bitch who will always command a second look with her elegant body shape and jet black coat. She has good bone and tight feet, shoulder placement is lovely as is her bend of stifle. Classic Collie head, nothing overdone, eyes and ears as they should be, just not quite the softness in expression as the winner. Moved really well, just lifted her tail at times.

Angela Coulson (Bluchip)