The Collie Association
Sub Group Open Show
Sunday, 8th of May 2016


Special Award Classes

Rough Collie, Spec. Puppy, dog or bitch, 7/6
1st Mr. & Mrs Page, Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back
Well-grown boy, especially for his age but all is in proportion, I liked his head and expression, presented in excellent coat & show condition, moved well.
2nd Ms Knight, Chesterfield At Nicnigh (Imp Srb)
Very nice outline and balance, very good head properties and expression, well presented.
3rd Mrs Philpin, Sassari Snow Shimmer For Tudorlyn

Rough Collie, Spec. Yearling, dog or bitch, 2/1
1st Miss Hodges, Jopium Secret Fantasy
Such a very feminine & pretty girl, I liked everything about her. Lovely head with such a sweet expression, nice ear set and carriage, clean shoulders, firm topline, excellent coat condition and so pretty on the move.

Rough Collie, Spec. Open, dog or bitch, 9/7
1st, Mr. Carr, Rossschell Blue Mojito Donohill
Close decision between 1st & 2nd, both very pretty & feminine blue merle girls with a lot of breed type, correct heads and expressions, very nice fronts and firm toplines with a gently rise to the loin, both girls moved really well, coming & going. 1st scored on her full show coat condition, which was in full bloom.
2nd, Miss Blake, Corydon Blue Fizz JW
3rd, Mr. Ross Rahlissa Fairy Tale At Samshernik

Smooth Collie, Spec. Yearling, dog or bitch 4/3
1st Mrs & Miss Kinsey, Sturtmoor Khaos Of Kaswyn
Well presented 18 months old boy, which I would have preferred to have a little more length to his back, good head, eyes and ear set, very nice angles front and rear. Moved really well.
2nd Ms French, Breckamore By Design
Larger type of boy, well-bodied & well muscled, good head properties, good shoulders and straight front, moved well, holding his top line well.
3rd D Cole, Sturtmoor Dream Of Kasvelyn

Smooth Collie, Spec. Open, dog or bitch 6/4
1st Miss Peacock, Blamorder Back To The Start For Saraneth
My notes just say: Tricolour. Love everything about her!!
2nd Mrs Lister, Manordeifi Miss Daisy At Newarp
Well grown girl, which could do with a little less weight, nice type and overall outline, her movement was a little spoilt due to her excess weight.
3rd Mr & Mrs Glover, Oakestelle Indie Rock At Stormsett

Judge, Christina Bailey