MAY 2016


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge Roughs at their recent open show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thanks must also go to my very efficient stewards Val & Vic & to everyone in the kitchen for the lovely lunch. The sun was shining & the showground was fabulous, with large rings & a spacious grass area with plenty room for tents & cages.

I was very happy with the overall quality of exhibits & so glad to see that we have managed to breed out the weak rear ends & cow hocks. Temperaments were excellent, great to see happy outgoing dogs enjoying their day.  Movement on the whole was really good with only a few moving close behind. I did notice that many exhibits had ears which are too heavy & set too wide apart which spoils the alert expression we are looking for. Thank you for allowing me to handle your dogs & being sporting with my decisions.

Veteran Dog  (2,1a) 1 Wray’s Takhisis High Voltage, masculine b/m dog who is 9½ years young. He stood foursquare & showed non-stop. He has a wealth of coat which is well marbled & a light colour of blue, & has retained a rich tan colour on his face which makes it hard to believe his age! He has a head of good proportions with a good stop, flat skull, dark, almond shaped eye & well set ears which all combine to give a charming expression. He has a fairly long neck, level topline, well sprung ribs & a deep chest giving him a nice overall shape. His well bent stifles & parallel hocks enable him to power around the ring with drive & precision. He looked a picture in the challenge to take RBD over his younger competitors. BVIS.

Minor Puppy Dog  (5,1) 1 Page’s Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back, charming s/w of 8 months. He has a very nice head with moulded foreface, correct stop, flat cheeks & great ears. I loved his soft expression from his dark almond shaped eyes. He has correct front assembly with excellent shoulder placement & length of upper arm onto straight legs with good bone. He has a good length of back, well bent stifles & straight hocks. He moves well coming & going & has a long, free stride when viewed from the side. Pleased to award him BPD, he pushed the bitch hard in the challenge for BP but I felt that he had lost his sparkle at the end of a long, hot day. One to watch for the future;
2 Blake’s Demelewis Dare To Bear for Corydon, I loved the shape of this b/m boy. He has a fantastic reach of neck, length of back & depth of chest. He’s well off for bone & substance, good bend of stifle & parallel hocks. He excels in movement with a light, effortless gait. His head is nicely balanced with clean lines but not enough stop for me at the moment. His coat was beautifully presented but his colour needs to clear. Another promising puppy;
3 Knight’s Chesterfield at Nicnigh.

Puppy Dog  (1) 1 Flint’s Highnol Echos In The Mist for Welanga, another b/m. This boy has a lovely, clear colour of blue which was well broken with rich tan markings. He has a clean, wedge shaped head, dark eye, good stop & a flat skull. He also has small, neat ears which are placed correctly. He presented a beautiful picture standing when something caught his attention, but he was full of mischief which made it hard to assess him at times (I’m sure he’ll settle as he matures). He has a good length of neck & back & very good hindquarters. Plenty of bone & neat feet. Movement should improve as he settles. Another who should continue his winning ways in the future. 

Junior Dog
(3) 1 Randall’s Ladnar Moondust, this boy appealed for his overall soundness & good construction. He has a beautiful head with the softest of expressions, well filled, moulded foreface, well rounded muzzle, correct stop & flat skull. His ears are correctly set with one third tipped, he has a well laid shoulder & good upper arm, long neck & back with a slight rise over the loin. His hindquarters are powerful which enabled him to move well, although he is a little fond of his tail. His tri coat is jet black with rich tan markings & fitted his outline. There’s nothing overdone on this boy, he is all in proportion & maturing nicely;
2 Brooker’s Riverside Song A Kind Of Magic over Corisian, elegant s/w dog who was immaculately presented. He’s not a keen showman but his handler worked hard to get the best out of him. He’s light on his feet on the move with good front reach. For me, his head is too overdone. His stop is deeper than I would like & he’s a touch broad in backskull. He has a very soft expression coming from a shapely eye & good pigmentation;
3 Ferguson’s Trenic Black Opal. 

Novice Dog (2) 1 Flint’s Highnol Echos In The Mist for Welanga; 2 Knight’s Chesterfield at Nicnigh, s/w came from 3 in MP. Masculine puppy who is maturing well. He has a fair head but I would prefer a more refined stop. He has a good body shape with ample neck. Moved well. 

Graduate Dog (5,2) 1 Edwards’ Moonpromises Ever After, handsome tri colour with all the essentials. He has a super body shape, good length of neck, deep chest & well sprung ribs. Correct length of back & well bent stifles, straight legs, neat feet & enough bone & substance. He’s got a lovely coat which is jet black & he stood foursquare showing non-stop. He has a soft, appealing expression from dark eyes, a correct head & well set ears which all combine to give a lovely picture. He moved OK around the ring but his tail was carried too high which spoiled his outline on the move;
2 Wray’s Takhisis Trick Or Treat, another handsome tri & similar remarks apply. His coat was gleaming & groomed to perfection, just pipped by 1 who had better ear carriage;
3 Scott’s Chantique Gold Digger. 

Post Graduate Dog  (5,1) 1 Cooney’s Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell, what a lovely s/w this boy is, he ticks all the boxes! He has such a balanced, clean head with no exaggerations. His eye is the correct size, shape & colour & is set obliquely, flat skull, good stop & a lovely moulded, well filled foreface. His ears are bang on top & he has a true Collie expression. He is the correct size for a male & has super bone & substance & showed non-stop despite the heat. He has the correct body shape, long, arched neck, good topline & rise over the loin, which is great to see as some males tend to drop off at the rump. Good front & rear assembly. He has very well laid shoulders & good length & return of upperarm, well muscled rearquarters, sweeping stifle & short parallel hocks. He was a joy to watch on the move, so true coming & going with reach from the front & driving from behind. His immaculate presentation & gleaming coat completed the picture. My BD today, such a close decision for BOB, nothing between the two;
2 Ross’ Tremaro  Star Touch at Samshernik, another impressive s/w who is constructed well. He has a similar body shape to my winner & a well balanced head. He has dark, almond shaped eyes, a moulded foreface & flat cheeks. His ears are nicely set & he used them to advantage. He moves well, but just not as accurate as 1. Very well presented;
3 Wright’s Pelido David Weir. 

Limit Dog (5) 1 Scott’s Chantique Simply A Dreamer, upstanding s/w. Masculine head with beautifully moulded muzzle, smooth cheeks & a flat skull. He has an almond shaped, dark eye & good stop. I would prefer his ears to be set on a shade higher, but he used them well. He has a very nice outline standing & on the move & his movement is true coming & going. Very well presented. I just felt he lacked length of feathering on his rear today which would’ve completed the picture;
2 Ferguson’s Ladnar Double Dutch, shaded s/w who is a different type to 1. His head is finer but still in proportion. He has a correctly placed stop, kind eye & flat skull, but again I would prefer a better earset. He has an excellent body shape, great reach of neck & stood foursquare. His fitting coat was well presented, moved well. 

Open Dog  (3) Like the previous class these lads are different in type but both have many qualities.
1 Blake’s Demelewis Catch The Blues for Corydon, this boy has a fantastic body shape with arched neck, excellent length of back, well sprung ribs & depth of chest. He has well bent stifles, neat, parallel hocks great bone & neat feet. He moves very well coming & going, is light on his feet with a good length of stride. His head is balanced with clean lines, kind eye & excellent ear carriage. I would prefer a clearer colour;
2 Smith’s Ladnar Timeshare for Rashel, another who has a fantastic outline. Good head, slightly heavier than 1, appealing expression, well bodied & shown in great condition. He is a lovely clear blue which is well broken & he was beautifully groomed. Not keen on showing off his virtues today;
3 Stanton’s Chelborn Just Decided.

Veteran Bitch  (5,2) 1 Humphrey’s Brilyn Kiss At Midnite to Jamesfair, I really liked this glamourous tri & she pushed the dog hard in the challenge for BV, she certainly showed the youngsters how it’s done! This is the one Collie that I would describe as ‘standing with impassive dignity’ here today. She is an excellent mover, so light on her feet, has a great reach of neck, good length of back & well bent stifle. If being critical I would like her to have a better spring of rib & a little more body weight, which cost her a place in the bitch challenge. Her head proportions are great, well filled muzzle, correctly placed stop, pretty, almond shaped eyes & her ears are bang on top. Her excellent handling & presentation made her a joy to watch;
2 Beardsworth’s Wicani New Dreams To Hold for Maysinder, s/w, slightly heavier in head than 1. She has a balanced outline & moves very well. She has a fitting coat of good texture, & stood foursquare showing non-stop. I liked her head & eye, but would prefer her ears a bit higher set, but it doesn’t distract from her very sweet expression. 

Minor Puppy Bitch  (7,1) This was a lovely class of babies. All 6 puppies present are promising & should mature well. I felt my winner just had the edge today on maturity. 1 Brooker’s Lovely Flower Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian, very appealing s/w in excellent coat & condition. She has the sweetest of expressions coming from lovely dark almond eyes. Her muzzle is well filled & rounded & she has a clean wedge shaped head, with a good stop. Her ear placement is ok. She is very well boned with a straight front, good bend of stifle & neat, short, parallel hocks. She has a super neck & shoulders, well sprung ribs, & nice topline. Moved out well with true action coming & going with drive from behind. She has a slight roll on the move but I’m sure this will go as she grows. Well deserved BPB, BP, RBPIS;
2 Humphrey’s Brilyn A Shade Intoxicated at Shasam, sweet, confident baby of only 6 months who took everything in her stride. She has a pretty head with ears on top, & good reach of neck, firm topline with slight rise, & good angles front and rear. Well off for bone & substance & her coat is coming in nicely. Moved well;
3 McDade’s Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale. 

Puppy Bitch (5) 1 Davis’ Monsolina Follow Your Dreams Rosschell, striking 9 months blue. Very mature for her age. Her shape is eyecatching with her long, arched neck, correct angulation, well sprung ribs & length of back. Her head is nicely balanced with very good ear placement, almond eye & strong underjaw. Her stop is just a touch deep at the moment. She moves very well & has a beautiful clear colour, another lovely puppy who I will follow with interest;
2 Philpin’s Sassari Snow Shimmer for Tudorlyn, this young lady is another quality puppy, a pity she was a bit unsettled today & didn’t use her ears as well as 1. She has many of the same qualities as my winner, and although her head isn’t as deep in stop as 1, her ears are lower set. She has the correct body shape & moved well. Well presented;
3 Edwards’ Jashika Shine Like A Diamond.

Junior Bitch (4) 1 Wray’s Beldones Duchess Of Dreams, this s/w didn’t jump out at me straight away, but on going over her found her to be very well constructed. Her sweet expression comes from a dark almond eye, moulded foreface & wedge shaped head, with a flat skull and ears on top. Like all my winners, she has a fabulous body shape, well bent stifle & good reach of neck. She moves straight coming & going & has good forward reach. Shown on a loose lead & used her ears constantly. Another who should continue to do well in the future;
2 Hodges’ Jopium Secret Fantasy, on entering the ring I thought this girl would be my winner. She has everything you would look for in a young bitch. Very pretty head & expression, beautiful eye, she is so well made with well sprung ribs, good forechest, long neck & good topline. She moves correctly with a straight front & well  muscled rear. She has a profuse coat which was presented to perfection, but she was feeling the heat today & was sluggish on the move;
3 Randall’s Ladnar Inkheart.

Novice Bitch (4) 1 Philpin’s Sassari Snow Shimmer to Tudorlyn; 2 Newton & Paterson’s Collingvale Cassis over Darrahill, tri with a gleaming jet black coat of correct texture. Moved up from reserve in junior. Level topline with good rise over the loin, well bent stifles, & straight hocks. I would prefer more length of neck to give a balanced outline. Moved well. 

Graduate Bitch (9,4) 1 Carr’s Rosschell Blue Mojito at Donohill, well what can I say about this pair? What a team! This young handler was calm & quiet & brought the best out in his bitch. This gorgeous b/m stood at the end of her lead & showed her socks off, he moved her at the correct pace & managed to correct her pulling off to the side in the challenge. Her movement is free & true. This girl is such a clear colour of blue which is well broken, she has such a soft but alert expression, balanced head with good stop, dark eye & great ears. I liked her size & shape & she is well boned with good substance. Her coat was gleaming in the sunlight which completed a lovely picture. Pleased to award her RBB;
2 Rutherford’s Treeview Hope And Promises, I have in my notes ‘s/w, close decision between the two, just preferred the expression of 1’. This girl has many of the qualities of my winner, clean head, shapely body, she’s a nice size & moves well. She has good ears but was reluctant to use them today. She has a lovely coat of correct texture which was well presented;
3 Harrison’s Cariadhaf Classic Touch. 

Post Graduate Bitch (6,2) 1 Blake’s Corydon Blue Fizz, petite b/m. This girl has a super body shape & a fantastic reach of neck. Her topline is level with a very slight rise. She has lovely shoulder placement, good depth & spring of ribs, lovely bend of stifle & short, neat hocks. She moves so true & it’s effortless, as always from this kennel. She has a feminine wedge shaped head with fantastic ear placement & a sweet expression from dark eyes. I would prefer her to have a little more stop & a slightly larger eye. Well presented;
2 Rutherford’s Treeview Tell No Secrets, litter sister to 2 in graduate & not a lot between them. This girl is feminine with good overall construction & movement. She is very elegant with a beautiful s/w coat of correct texture which fitted her body & was very well presented. She moved true coming & going & looks good in profile, driving from behind. Pushed hard for 1st place but was unsettled & didn’t use her ears to advantage;
3 Pitchfork’s Merrimede Lovin Spoonful.

Limit Bitch (5,2) 1 Philpin’s Tudorlyn Little Princess, shaded s/w in great coat & condition & another who would’ve shown all day despite the heat. She presents such a lovely picture standing, using her well set ears constantly. She has a balanced head with moulded foreface, good stop, sweet almond eye & a flat skull. She also has a great length of neck, level topline & good front movement, but moves too closely behind. Still a worthy winner of this class;
2 Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian, this girl is completely different in type to 1. She is from a larger mould but has a super outline which catches your eye. She is glamorous, with a wealth of coat which was immaculately presented. She moves well both ways & stands correctly with straight front & rear, however her head is not for me. I feel she has too much stop & is too broad in cheeks & backskull, having said that she still has a very sweet expression & such a pleasing outline that she couldn’t be denied her placing today;
3 Whitaker’s Jopium Magical Dream. 

Open Bitch (4) 1 Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, my star of the day! Firstly I must say that this girl has the softest, most appealing expression from wonderful almond, obliquely set eyes. I would describe her as having a ‘true tri colour expression’. Her head is a delight, balanced, moulded & moderate with correct stop, flat skull & is wedge shaped. Her ears are well set & she used them constantly. She has an excellent shoulder & upperarm, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs extending well back. Her rear is muscular and has well bent stifles & short, parallel hocks. She moves well, but was starting to tire in the heat. Her coat is jet black with long featherings & a shawl collar which completed a lovely picture. I couldn’t deny her BB & BOB. Pleased to see she went on to win RBIS;
2 Hodges’ Jopium Love Heart, young s/w of only 15 months. She has all the makings of a beautiful Collie & was unlucky to meet 1 today as she is very nice all round, I just preferred the expression of my winner. Congratulations must go to her owner who cleverly bred both my BD & my BB winners today. I would’ve happily taken either of them home, well done;
3 Humphrey & Hawkins’ Brilyns Guilty Pleasure is Shasam.