Firstly, can I thank the committee for the invitation to judge at this show set in the lovely village setting which was very appropriate -2 large grass rings and nice quite setting. Conditions on the day was very warm for all but committee took all necessary precautions to help both dogs and judges
Special thanks to Sheila Telford for all the pre and on day organisation and to Sandra Wigglesworth who accompanied me to a beautiful lunch.
Finally, can I say big thank you to my 2 ring stewards Penny and Julie who kept everything moving along smoothly in a very calm way.

V DOG   Cooney’s    Ch Jopium Stole my Heart at Lingwell  BEST VETERAN DOG
Lovely mature headed dog, with good ear carriage and well defined stop, in full coat of good condition, well of for size and substance no doubting he was a male ,moved smoothly ,worthy Champion BEST VET IN BREED

Junior Dog    Brookers    Corisian Parasian Magic
Sable Boy of good size loved his length of head, and super ear carriage .Nice length of body .Showed non stop for handler .

2ND Scotts                         Tri dog bit shorter in both head and body than winner, has a really nice eye  with neat tidy ears   and was groomed to perfection
3rd FIELDING   Lillyway Lemon Crush
4th   TILLEY   Ingledene Dark Moon Risin

Novice Dog      Brookers    Corisian Parasian Magic
2nd  Tileys     Ingledene Dark Moon Risin      Tri Boy well of for size in good head length and  length of body

Graduate Dog      HAWKINS &FOY      Beldones Toucher Du Bois      Sable and White, lovely moulded head and very consistent from this kennel, got slightly excited when moved but coming through that awkward age well and will improve I believe with age. RES BEST DOG
2nd TIPPERS    Tiganlea True Hero   Finer dog all over than class winner but with a lot to like ,had really nice eye and lovely ear carriage nice length of body

Post Graduate     GAUTREY   Lilyway Landwind   2year old shaded sable dog of good size ,good length of head ,excellent tail length  and really good coat well put down
2ND  GROWCOTT    LILLYWAY LEGACY  Just seeing litter brother to class winner Tri Dog really black with lovely dark tan around his head, nice moulded head but would prefer better tail length

LIMIT DOG      KENNYS        Lanlin Benji at Leesaund    Sable Dog showed and moved well doesn’t pocess my eye type and backline slopes of a little more than my liking

OPEN DOG    CRONK   Tri mature dog  who excels in bone with the most lovely tight round feet
His condition ,colour and grooming could not be faulted ,his black was really black and his white markings were  glittering in the sun credit to who prepared him .Lovely tight ears which he carried well    BEST DOG AND RES BEST OF BREED
2nd     TIPPERS     Tiganlea Task Master at Trenic   Blue Merle Boy  bit finer in body overall ,a lot to like about his shape with good length of body   and nice ear carriage
3rd   COONEYS    Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell
4th  WRAY- RAMSDEN   Takhiss Dream Weaver

VETERAN BITCH    BROOKERS      Telforth Sweet Dreams To Corisian  Lovely eye on this sable bitch ,she did not look as she should be in veteran ,showed non stop ,my type of bitch
2nd   WRAY-RAMSDEN     Beldones Duchess of Dreams  Shaded sable with lovely length of body ,showed her ears non stop with well boned legs front and rear
3rd    SKINNER     Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal

MINOR PUPPY BITCH   BURROWS     Avonfair A Million Love Song At Revdvicki    Sable and White very sweet puppy Excelled in eye shape and ear carriage and processed a lovely length of head carried on superb neck and well balanced body ,Thought she looked lovely overall my type of puppy bitch 100 %
2nd   WALDERS   Tamiras Miracles Cornflake Girl For Hanvale   Not just as mature as class winner ,excels in neck .Good length of head and really good ear carriage once she bodies up and coats up will be a picture
3rd  WRAY-RAMSDEN   Takhiss Lady Of Mystery

PUPPY BITCH     HAWKINS & FOY     Beldones Sound of Gold     10 month sable bitch well up for size and hopefully should get much bigger, she has really nice long tail ,good length of head with clean lines finished with ears bang on top .Lovely length of body with slight rise over loin. BEST PUPPY BITCH AND BOB PUPPY

JUNIOR BITCH    GROWCOTT    Lillyway Lemon Breeze   Nice tri bitch with good ear carriage, moved lovely, really good black colour, well toned muscle

NOVICE BITCH     BURROWS   Tiganlea Hoity Toity at Revdvicki   Sable bitch still a puppy  with lovely ear carriage  eye setting and shape will improve with age well boned for age
2nd  REGAN     Phreelancer Phirst Song      Sable and white and perhaps a little to much white for me ,really mature for age

GRADUATE BITCH     LARKIN      Rahlissa Toffee Cake For Denora   Sable and white sound bitch not a lot to fault ,lovely head planes and ear carriage excelled in reach of neck

POST GRAD BITCH    SCOTT    CHANTIQUE  OOH LA LA     Sable Bitch very attractive and  typical for type,lovely upright ears with top third tipped, presented to perfection. Lovely long tail carried well .
2nd WRAY-RAMSDEN   Takhiss Lady of Illusion    Sable bitch more square type than class winner ,really good neck, good ear carriage.

LIMIT BITCH    BEARE   JEMSPARK MAID IN SECRET    Sable bitch not in full coat but this showed of her shape and shoulder placement ,lovely length of head and really good ear carriage, Loved this bitch for type and reminded me of some of my older bitches lovely reach of neck .RES BEST BITCH
2nd   GAUTREY     Carristina Summer Rhapsody    Slightly more strong confirmation all over well off for size with  lovely strong neck .
3rd SCOTT   Chantique Déjà vu
Res   GROWCOTT   Lillyway Lemonade Blush
VHC   JAMES   Gerian Sunbarley with Jamesfair

OPEN BITCH   WALDER   CH BELDONES LA VITA BELLA FOR HANVALE   Elegant sable bitch stood with dignity and showed of her lovely body shape ,Good length of body which swept up through her powerful neck ,Showed non stop and presented to perfection, my star of the day BEST BITCH AND BOB.
2ND HAWKINS & FOY    Beldones Looks Like Fun    Shaded sable with a lot to like ,every now and agin she got it together  and showed of her lovely shape and reach of neck ,good ear carriage ,lovely muzzle and under jaw.
3rd  BROOKER   Paris Venise Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian
Res  TIPPER   CH Tiganlea Too Good To Be True