Collie Association Open Show (show 2)Best in Show

C & M Howard’s         Brackenhaye Heartbreaker at Shandlmain.  Two year old Smooth collie Tri bitch who I have done well before.  My opinion of her has not changed if anything she has improved after losing a few pounds which completes the picture of a Typey, quality bitch of correct size and shape with the desired expression and eye.  She has plenty of heart room, good reach of neck and is of correct height to length ratio. Carries her tail low and keeps her topline on the move.  Even at the end of a long, very warm day moved out well being sensibly handled by her owner.  Well deserved BIS.   Congratulations. 

Reserve Best in Show N & A Smith’s Ch Winter is Coming to Tentola. Six year old Blue dog.   Another Smooth Collie I have done well in the past.  I would prefer a better colour and more refined head, none the less he is a worthy Champion being a masculine male of good size and again he has lost a few pounds which has improved his ribbing.   He showed and moved out well enough in the challenge against the Rough bitch to take RBIS.

 Best Puppy in Show Hawkins & Foy’s     Beldones Sound GoldSable & White Rough Collie bitch of just 10 months and what a find!   Feminine expression with beautiful well placed dark eye, well rounded muzzle with decent underjaw, slight stop leading to flat well filled backskull.   Topped off with good ear carriage which she used well despite the heat.    She is a beautiful shape possessing a good reach of neck set into well placed shoulders, with correct angulations fore & aft.  Good topline, although her coat needs more length in the middle but that will come, with slight rise over her loin leading to well set tail of good length which she carried well. For me she is the correct size at this age & I predict a very bright future for her which I shall follow with interest.  Well Done. 

Best Veteran in Show .  Cooney’s Rough Collie, Ch Jopium Stole my Heart at Lingwell.  Sable & white, worthy Champion male who belies his age, he looks fabulous.

Ann French