The Collie Association Show 2
2nd July 2023

Smooth Collies
What a great job the Committee did running the 2 shows back to back.

A lovely friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The lunch was super. Special thanks to my Steward Mr Rob Shipp. It was an honour to be invited to judge this lovely entry. Thank you for the beautiful gift.

Veteran Dog or Bitch 3 (none absent)1st BVB, BVIB & RBB Forbes Willowhurst Vanity. Pleasing tri bitch in good coat and condition for her age. Clean head with correct stop and nice eye and expression.  Good bone and front construction. Good neck. Correct depth and spring of ribs. Good turn of stifle and strong hind quarters. Moved well when settled with her handler.  2nd Benton’s CH Oakestelle Venus De Milo VW ShCEx Lovely b/m bitch, again very well made and in grand condition for age. Clean balanced head. Good ear carriage. Level top line kept on the move, Good front and rear construction. At times she just moved a bit wide going away. 3rd Moores Tomalca Buttons’N’Bows At Manordeifi.

Puppy Dog 2 (1 absent)1st BD, BPD, RBOB ,BPIB & BPIS, 8 months old tri , such a well-balanced dog and very pleasing to the eye. So full of promise. Everything in proportion and moderation. Clean head with a lovely dark eye and expression. Good ear set & reach of neck and level top line.  Lovely bone and confirmation. He covers the ground so well for one so young. In super coat & condition and at one with his handler.

Special Yearling Dog 2 (none absent) Wensley’s Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW. I have previously judged this tri dog and he is maturing nicely. Good front & rear angulation. Level top line and tail correctly set. Good head with pleasing eye and expression. Moved freely, covering the ground well. 2nd Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises With Blamorder, tri dog, 15 months old of good type and construction. Slightly finer than winner at this stage. Pleasing head and expression. I would like more chest width, but he has plenty of time to develop. Moved freely.

Post Graduate Dog 1 (none absent) 1st Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises With Blamorder
Open dog 2 (none absent) Smith’s CH/Multi CH Winter Is Coming RBD & BVD very pleasing upstanding b/m dog of good construction. Good bone and substance. Chest of correct depth and width, Good neck and top line. Tail set good. Neat feet. Pleasing head and expression He moved well when settled but kept turning his left back paw out when he set off. 2nd Moores Mandoreifi Bow Regard s/w dog. Nice head pattern and expression. Good top line and good depth of chest. He has a lovely temperament but was a bit too excited on the move and too eager to please his owner.

Puppy Bitch no entries

Special Yearling Bitch1 (1 absent)

Post Graduate Bitch 2 (None absent) 1st Trundley & Palmer’s Nuuk Saarskali Bila Kaifa Juniperwood (IMP CZE), lovely tri bitch. Clean head with nicely rounded muzzle. Pleasing eye and expression. Good ear carriage. Chest of good depth and breadth. Moved freely covering the ground well. 2nd Moore’s Blamorder High Hopes For Manordeifi, smaller bitch and finer throughout. Her skull slopes off a little, Reasonable neck. Good depth of chest. Good turn of stifle and front construction. A little erratic when moving so difficult to assess.

Open Bitch 4 (2 absent) 1st Benton’s Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts, BB, BOB & RBIS. A stunning feminine tri bitch who I have judged before. She has really blossomed and has such balance and quality from every angle. In good coat and beautifully presented. Correct length of head, with good stop and eye placement. Lovely expression, ears of correct size and well set. Flat skull and strong neck. She is so well made and kept her top line level on the move. Tail of correct length and set. Good bone & feet. Hocks well let down. She moved freely and gracefully. Covering the ground well. 2nd Moore’s Blamorder Ridin On A Rainbow To Manordeifi, tri, larger than winner. Clean head and well placed eye. I Would prefer a bit more length of neck. Top line level and good bend of stifle. Like her kennel mates she was full of herself on the move and tended to run slightly wide at the rear with her exuberance.

Sheila Carlton