The Collie Association Sub Group Open Show
2nd July 2023.

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge my first Breed Club Show and especially to my ring stewards who were very efficient in keeping the ring moving smoothly.  I think the club should be very proud of their achievement in running a dual show with such success. The happy atmosphere around the rings made for a very enjoyable day.

Thank you also to each exhibitor for the privilege of allowing me to go over your dogs and for their sportsmanship in accepting their placings I am truly grateful.

I was looking for a Collie who was “Fit for Function” I am satisfied I found this in my top winners today.

Veteran Dog (1,0)

1st - White’s CH MEJOLA FATE AND FORTUNE ShCEx. 7 yr old Blue Merle.
First time out as a veteran for this handsome lad now in his prime will surly have a very successful veteran career.  His head was so balanced, foreface is moulded, skull flat, correct eye shape and placement giving a noble expression, topped of with perfect ear carriage.  His neck was strong flowing into firm top line.  Angulation suggested he would move well and that he did an effortless powerful stride which I am sure he could maintain all day. Pleased to award him BD, BOS, BVIB was delighted to see him go BVIS.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)

1st - Ross’s -SILUTO BLUE WIZARD  7 mth old Blue Merle.
A very promising puppy who won his class today on overall shape.  A lovely fill of foreface with a correctly placed stop. His eyes were dark and set obliquely giving the all important desired expression.  Super neck, with slightly longer in body than height giving a very pleasing flowing outline.  Long tail held well on the move which was steady for such a youngster. Coat straight and fitted outline of good texture.

2nd - Hawkins - BELDONES RICH TEA 6 mths old Golden Sable
Head is developing well correct scissor bite, nice fill to muzzle, super dark eye giving such a kind expression, ears well tipped. Ample neck, level top line but would prefer a little more length in back. Lovely long tail. Moved well in front but a little loose in the rear which I am sure will strengthen with age.

Puppy Dog (2,0)

1st - Coopers - KELEKONA HEARTS OF GOLD. 11 mths old Shaded Sable
Really like this puppy a very flashy young man.  He had a lovely length to his head equally balanced with a slight stop correct dentition and super tight lip line I would have liked a little more underjaw. Eye shape and placement was good a flat skull topped of with well set ears which he used to his advantage. Lovely arch to neck a firm top line with a body of correct length. On the move he carried his tail correctly moved out well would have liked a little more drive in the rear.

2nd - Nobles - BELDONES HUGO LLORIS FOR TONOVA 9 mths old Sable
A well presented young dog. Masculine head with well filled muzzle, good underjaw and dentition. Correctly placed stop, kind dark eye of almond shape, for me slightly wide in back skull which affected his ear set.  Shorter in body than 1, good spring of rib and depth of chest. A little steep in upper arm which shortened his reach on the move. Shown in super coat and condition. 

Junior Dog (3,1)

1st - Blake’s - CORYDON PRINCE ERIC 11 mths old Tri
There was a lot to like about this puppy he had such a balanced outline nothing was overdone.  His head was a clean wedge smooth through the cheeks. Very dark obliquely set eyes, and flattest of skull however I would have preferred a little more stop.  His neck was powerful as was his body in good muscle tone. Front and rear angulation allowed him to move with drive and purpose. Black coat was of the darkest colour,  straight and fitted as the standard ask for when it came to the puppy challenge his ease of movement gave him the edge.  BPD and BPIB, RBPIS.

2nd - Edwards - TIGANLEA REMEMBER THE DAYS 15 mths old Golden Sable
A very enthusiastic youngster who was enjoying his day.  A shorter head which flared through the cheeks to a wide back skull, as a result ears lower set.  Correct scissor bite and nicely filled muzzle his almond shaped eye was dark and of the correct size.  Well off for bone with tight feet. Good depth of chest level top line shorter in back than 1.   Movement was difficult to assess as he had a tendency to roll which wasn’t helped with the abundance of coat he was carrying.

Novice Dog (1,0)

1st - Ross’s - SILUTO BLUE WIZZARD  7 mth old Blue Merle.

Graduate Dog (5,2)


What a showman he is so attentive to his handler standing on a loose lead he had a superb silhouette nothing was out of proportion.  Wedged shaped head of equal length, filled foreface with a flat skull.  Superb round bone and strong feet. Neck was strong and well arched, firm top line, good angulation coupled with his toned muscles and well let down hocks allowed him to stride out well in front and drive from the rear.  Coat straight and of correct texture.

2nd - Hanson’s - JARDS RING PRESENCE 2 yrs old Shaded Sable

Upstanding male who on the stand gave a very pleasing picture.  Very masculine head excellent underjaw, scissor bite, moulded foreface darkest of eye, super flat skull and perfect ears.  Strong arched neck, level top line. Deep chest and plenty of heart room strong straight front legs with strong well rounded bone.  On the move he was difficult to assess as he wasn’t fully focused on moving in a straight line. Just preferred the more collected movement of 1.

Post Graduate Dog (0,0)

Limit Dog (5,0)

This was a very strong class with five quality dogs.

1st - MIlligan & Marley - ALFSDEN HE LIVES IN YOU  2 yrs old Blue Merle

A very honest dog of the most beautiful blue colour.  This dog had a super underjaw where correct dentition was set.  Moulded muzzle and clean through the cheeks eye set and shape gave a knowing expression. Well set size and shape of ears used non stop. Ample neck and level top line. I liked the length of his back which gave him an air of elegance.  Considered him for RBD but preferred the more positive movement of Junior dog.

2nd -  Blake’s - DEMELEWIS SILVER SPUR AT CORYDON 2 yrs old Blue Merle

Well balanced clean head so smooth through the cheeks. Correct stop, shape and set of eye, super neat ears.  Such a powerful arched neck, well sprung ribs, good depth of chest.  Strong legs with well good bone. Good angulation in front  allowed him to stride out well would have preferred a more positive drive from the rear. Coat well presented straight and fitted so unusual to see such super strong tan markings.  Very close decision but preferred the more positive rear movement of 1.

Open Dog (2,0)

1st - Benton - CH BROOKLYNSON EL DORADO Sh CEx  6 yrs old Shaded Sable

Another male who has such ring presence standing away from handler gives a very pleasing picture.  He has a well balanced head excellent stop the softest of expression from a super eye set. Ears of good shape. Would have preferred a stronger underjaw.  Good length to neck and level top line, slight rise over the loin.  Front and rear angulation allowed him to move freely and enthusiastically around the ring.

2nd - Allsopp - AQUALITA IT’S A MIRICALE. 3 yrs old Tri

It was very close between these two males he also gave a pleasing silhouette.
Shown in good coat and presented well.  Nicely moulded head with plenty of fill in the muzzle, shape and eye placement was good but expression was affected by a light eye slightly broader in back skull than 1.  Strong neck, firm level top line, well sprung rib and plenty of heart room.  Well let down hocks.  Moved well but preferred the more flowing movement of class winner.

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

1st - Benton’s - CH BROOKLYNSON JANE RUSSELL OF OAKESTELLE VW  8 yrs old Shaded Sable

Well balanced, well constructed giving a very pleasing silhouette standing away from her handler on a loose lead.  Correct dentition and bite with a blunt wedge shape head her eye for me was slightly smaller than I would have liked which affected her expression.  Strong neck flowing into a excellent front, rib and top line.  She excels in movement covering the ground with ease correct held and set tail.  BVB

2nd - Mellish - CORYDON VICTORIANA FOR DEMELEWIS 9 yrs old Tri

How lovely to see a collie who has matured well still spritely showing so well for her handler.  I really liked her head two level planes of correct length with a slight stop between the darkest of eye. What a super underjaw and the tightest of lipline.  Ears of correct size shape and placement finished the picture.  Well boned straight legs with strong plasterns.  Super length to height ratio.  Moved out well but couldn’t match the drive of the class winner.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0)

I really enjoyed judging this class some very promising puppies

1st - Whitaker - SILUTO BLUEBERRY MIST  7 mths old Blue Merle

Beautiful outline body slightly longer than height which the standard asks for.  Developing well for her age.  She had a lovely head smooth through the cheeks, a super dark eye of correct shape obliquely set giving the desired expression. Good ear carriage and used her ears to her advantage. Her coat is good colour and will enhance her still further when in full bloom.  She has the construction to be able to move well just needs to strengthen and build on her muscle which she has plenty of time to do. BPB.

2nd - Whitaker - SILUTO SILVARY BLUE MOON. 7 mths old Blue Merle

Litter sister to class winner it was very close between them both and a I am sure they will swap places in the future.  Most of the comment above apply super head but ear carriage was lighter today which spoiled her overall expression a little. Flashier in cost colour and markings.  Movement was also very good for her age.  I will watch these two with interest.

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st - Rae’s - GATAJ MAJESTIC HOPE  11 mths old Golden Sable

This young lady had the sweetest of expression which came from her dark almond shaped eye.  Good moulding to foreface correct dentition. Ears were set well and used to her advantage.  She was shorter in neck and body I would have preferred more length overall.   Tail didn’t quite reach the hock but she carried it well on the move which was straight and true in front but a little loose in the rear.  Well off for coat which was well presented. 

Junior Bitch (4,1)

Difficult to choose between these two girls both had a lot to like.

1st - Newman’s - INGLEDENE CRYSTAL VISION OF PHREELANCER  12 mths old Blue Merle

Ultra feminine girl who showed so well for her handler.  Head handled well so smooth in cheeks with no depth in skull. Well placed stop, beautiful blue eyes giving the most intelligent expression.  Such a strong arched neck into a well muscled body.  Well sloping shoulders, level top line and good bend of stifle. In full coat which was silvery blue and presented to perfection. She came into her own on the move with an effortless flowing gait. I considered her in my final top placings but lost out on maturity today.

2nd - Howard - SERENLAS ANGEL OF CASATENTOLA 15 mths old Tri

A very elegant girl who at first I thought might be my class winner. She had a super underjaw and correct dentition and backskull, ears well placed would have preferred more fill in the muzzle. Super arch to neck flowing into a firm top line. Correct proportions in body her length gave her a very feminine outline, good length to tail.  Coat of harsh texture, darkest of black well presented. Movement was strong and purposeful just preferred overall head properties of 1.

Novice Bitch (1,1)

Graduate Bitch (2,0)

1st - White - MEJOLA MAIN EVENT JW 2 yrs old Shaded Sable

Well put together ultra feminine she caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.  Was lovely to go over her head was a clean wedge well blunted smooth through the cheeks.  Flat skull with ears bang on top a sweet eye gave her a melting expression. Body was so well balanced good angulation front and turn to stifle. Coat fitted her outline as standard requires covered the ground with ease very happy to award her RBB, RBOB.

2nd -Beardsworth - MAYSINDER SAPPHIRE REIGN 19 mths old Blue Merle

Another lovely girl beautiful silvery blue coat fitting her outline.  I really liked her shape longer in body but slightly heavier in head than 1 nice shape to hear ears but was reluctant to use them today. Lovely kind dark eye of correct shape.  Elegant neck, level top line. Tight feet well let down hocks.  She moved well but couldn’t match drive and foot fall of 1.

Post Graduate (2,2)

Limit (4,2)

1st - Mellish - DEMELEWIS DOUBLE TAKE. 2 yrs old Tri

Well what can I say what a beautiful girl she is I was looking forward to going over her I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I absolutely loved her head pretty much perfect.  Such a strong underjaw and the tightest of lip line super smooth in cheek correct slight stop dark intelligent eyes of correct placement and shape, neat ears well used.  Long strong neck, correct length to height ratio. Very good front, deep chest, well ribbed, correct top line with a strong rear.  Her conformation suggested she would move well and it was so effortless and elegant gliding round the ring. I had no hesitation in awarding her BB, BOB and delighted to see ultimately BIS.

2nd - Blake - KINNERET KOPPER KISSES FOR CORYDON  6 yrs old Shaded Sable

Spoilt for choice another quality bitch who pushed hard but lost out to 1 in head properties which was shorter and would have liked more underjaw her eye was correct as was her stop super ears giving an alert expression.  Strong neck flowed into such a well toned body.  Good spring to ribs depth of chest and slight rise over loin. Excellent angulation allowed her to move freely and with drive.

Open Bitch (5,2)

It took me sometime to place this class first and second both had excellent qualities in their own right.

1st - Mellish - DEMELEWIS DOUBLE DARE  5 yrs old Blue Merle

Such an elegant girl loved her kind eye of correct size and shape, slight stop placed between two parallel planes was reluctant to use ears but when she did they were placed and tipped as standard requires.  Super strong arched neck. Pleasing balanced body excellent height to length ratio, good angulations front and rear.  On the move she strode out so well covering the ground with ease.  She was wearing her summer clothes but her blue was a silvery blue and of correct texture. 

2nd - Hawkins & Foy - BELDONES TOUCH OF CLASS 3 yrs old Sable

Beautifully presented with a balanced head shorter than 1 she had the most sweetest expression her almond eye was of the darkest colour. Well balanced and fill in foreface, skull with clean cheeks, would have liked ears slightly higher set.  A good neck and topline would prefer a little more length in body.  Strong bone and neat feet, firm short hocks.  Movement was steady and true.  Was in full coat groomed to perfection.

Judge  - Lorraine Quince (Karafaye)