The Collie Association open show Sunday 2nd July 2023 show 1

It was an honour to be invited to judge at The collie Association July 2023 open show, show 1. I would like to express my gratitude to the committee for inviting me, it was a pleasure to attend this very well run, friendly and welcoming open show. Best of all it was set outside and the weather stayed kind. I am also exceptionally grateful for all the exhibitors who entered and allowed me the privilege of going over their dogs. Everyone looked like they enjoyed their day. Also many thanks to my stewards keeping everything running like clockwork.

All dogs were presented clean and well groomed. Overall body condition is reasonably good and mouths of correct scissor bite but sadly teeth in quite a few exhibits were dirty, covered in plaque and in dire need of attention.

The minor puppies and puppies were a joy. For several it was their first show and they took the day in their stride, outgoing and happy and a credit to their owners and breeders.

Class 1 veteran dog (1)
1st and BVIB , Whites CH Mejola Fate and Fortune
Just turned 7 years old this dog is the best I have seen him yet. Strong consideration in the dog challenge.  He presents a very balanced and eye catching outline, his excellent strong arched neck only enhanced with a beautiful white collar which breaks up his blue coat. This dog is exceptionally well made throughout, standing on good bone and covered in muscle he is in good hard condition. He has a lovely wedge shaped head which is completely balanced, excellent fill to his muzzle and under jaw and good eye placement and ear carriage.  Super angulation front and back allowing for easy yet powerful movement.  

Class 2 minor puppy dog (4)
A class full of lovely babies at various stages of maturity.
1st Ross’s Siluto Blue Wizzard. This 7 month old blue merle had the edge of maturity over the other puppies. He is really well grown for his age, and was the best overall in body and movement.  A very happy demeanour and really enjoying the day, his expression was fully alert.  Beautiful brown eye, almond shaped.  He has a lovely shape, elegant in profile with a super neck which was nicely arched and excellent length to his back. Decent head profile topped with super ears. Good muscle for his age. Lovely length of tail.
2nd  Farthings Didek Once in a Blue Moon. Bang on 6 months old is a raw baby who I felt moved better than the 3rd and 4th place exhibits, he was stronger in his rear drive. He has a lovely head, slightly shorter headpiece than 1 but balanced with a lovely eye and good ears he has a lovely , soft sweet expression. Good length to his neck. Made of good bone, he is put together nicely and developing well. Lovely tail.

Class 3 puppy dog (3,1a)
1st  Best Puppy Dog and BPIB. Kelekona Hearts of Gold.
I preferred the overall shape and movement of this almost 1 year old shaded sable and white dog.  In profile he looks elegant and balanced with lovely flowing lines. Good length to his head, nice and clean with good ear carriage and tip, decent shape and placement of eye with a pleasing expression, head carried on a nicely crested neck.  Excellent length of back and a nice gentle sweep over the loin. Good bone, all be it slightly finer than exhibit 2, with an overall leaner build. Excellent muscle in his thighs. Lovely feet.  Moved well enough although can be a touch wide in front sometimes. Wears a nice fitted coat of good texture.
2nd Nobles Beldones hugo Lloris for Tonova.
Atractive, masculine almost 10 month old sable and white dog. Attractive dog with a nice masculine head ,  super muzzle and moulding and excellent under jaw.  Nice shape of eye with an intelligent expression.  Ears are a little wide for my preference. As he is still developing he doesn’t yet have the desired length of back. Good spring of ribs and made of good bone. Movement is a little erratic.

Class 4 junior dog (3,1a)
1st Blakes Corydon Prince Eric. Almost 1 year old, I think this was a first outing for this tricolour. He handled his day well, and was very well settled. He won this class with his easy clean movement.  I would prefer he was bigger all over, with a little more stop and tighter ears but that being said he is a nice young dog. Made of good bone and good body which is well muscled he has a decent top line, his angulations front and back allowing for good reach at front and drive from behind.
2nd Edwards Tiganlea Remember The Days. Glamorous 15 month old sable and white dog. He carries an abundance of coat all over. Once this moults it will be of benefit to him if he grows back a more fitted adult jacket. He is rather unsettled making him harder to assess and it also affects his movement. He has a nice head, well rounded at the muzzle and well filled with good jaw and strong pearly white teeth of a god size. A nice oblique set, almond eye. Ears a little wide set. Good depth to his rib cage and overall a decent size of dog.

Class 5 Novice dog. (1) Ross’s Siluto Blue Wizzard.

Class 6 Graduate dog (5,2a)
1st Whites Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola. Just turned 2 years old, this tricolour Won the class on shape and movement. I would prefer he was a little bigger however is of good proportions in length of body and had a beautiful arch to his neck, creating an elegant outline. Stands on excellent feet, legs of good substance and excellent muscle tone. Coat is well textured. I would prefer his head be a little longer, although I do love how well filled and rounded his muzzle is and great under jaw. Fabulous ears which were well used. Excellent coming and going in all directions.
2nd Hansons Jards Ring Presence. Almost 3 years old sable and white, I really liked his shape and he is a great sized male. Very masculine , he has a nice head which is a lovely wedge shape, excellent muzzle and strong jaw and teeth. Strongly made body, muscular and good substance to his legs. Moved ok but rather unsettled.

Class 7 post graduate dog no entries

Class 8 limit dog.  (5)
1st and Reserve best Dog , Milligans Alfsden He lives in You. Upstanding 2 and a half year old blue merle of lovely colour. I love this dogs size, shape, head and expression. It was a hard call between him and his opponent for best dog. I have often admired this dog ringside as he has grown up, and still not close to being in his prime I look forward watching him in the future. He had the best head in the class, wedge shaped, clean throughout with a slight perceptible stop and lovely eye and ears to produce a lovely intelligent look.  Fabulous muzzle and under jaw. Good strong legs in both bone and muscle, and hard muscle through out his very well made body, This dog is solid, yet elegant and shapely with a long back,  strong firm top line and strong and supportive in loin which rises just enough , excellent depth to ribcage for his organs. Correct length of upper arm and angulation for good reach and good bend of stifle with short hocks for power in his rear. Excellent mover.
2nd Beadens Marvalan Spirit of Rock. Very glamorous eye catching 3 and a half year old tricolour. Another fabulous mover in all directions, free flowing and effortless and very light on his feet. He is becoming more sure of himself and this is perhaps the best I have seen him showing, loose lead and back from his handler and working his strong neck, pushing his head forward and proud to show me his lovely outline, graceful and elegant in shape. He is different to 1 , finer build and smaller although not by much, he is a well sized male and of lovely proportions. Head is pleasing, of good length, finer in foreface and depth than 1, but has a well placed and shaped eye which is a lovely colour of  brown and displaying a gentle expression full of sincerity. Ears are well placed and well used.  Lovely short hocks and bend of stifle allowing him easy drive, keeping parallel at all times.

Class 9 open dog. (3,1a) 2 excellent dogs who gave me a lot to think about before making my decision.
1st  Best Dog and best of Breed, Bentons CH Brooklynson El Dorado ShCEx. Beautiful and fitting the standard from head to tail there is probably not much I can say about this 6 and a half year old male that hasn’t been said before. I have always had a soft spot for him ringside and delighted to judge him today. He won this class due to his overall elegance in shape , head and more pleasing expression. A very well balanced dog.  I love his head for length , depth, filling of foreface and overall wedge shape, good planes and perfectly placed and amount of stop with well set almond shaped dark brown eyes with the most melting of expressions.  On top sit well used, well placed ears. He is superbly constructed with graceful flowing lines. Superbly arched neck is set into correctly angulated shoulders, excellent front, well ribbed and strong in body , superb topline , strong in loin and well angulated rear. Excellent muscle tone throughout, particularly first and second thigh.  Moved with excellent reach and drive, effortless and graceful. Shown in full, fitted coat to complete the picture.
2nd Allsopps Aqualita It’s a miracle. Almost 4 year old tricolour.  I hate to use the term unlucky to meet 1 but this is so true today. This dog was my BOB earlier in the year and there is so much to like about him. I Debated bringing him back in to challenge for reserve best dog but I was drawn to the blue limit dog a lot when deciding on best dog, and having just judged this open class before the challenge I had made my mind up. If I could have given out more top prizes he would have been getting one of them as Today is the best I have seen him show and willingly use his ears which creates such a different picture. This dog is a powerhouse. It was good to see him with more ground to cover, exceptional movement , easy and effortless yet powerfully driven.  He is very masculine and of a very good size. Expression alert and intelligent. His legs are made of good bone, straight and strong, ample neck which flows into sloping shoulders ,his ribbing well sprung and chest deep. Such a well made body,  firm level back which was held on the move and strong and supportive loin.

Class 10 veteran bitch (4, 1a)
1st Bentons CH Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle VW. Won the class on movement and condition.  When you watch her its very hard to believe that this sable lady is 8 and a half years old, she would effortlessly out move many youngsters and is ageing very well. Its easy to see why this girl is a champion. Another shapely collie with flowing lines from head to tail. Excellent length of back and arched neck with proud head carriage. Stretches herself out well to command attention. Her head is ok , good depth although I would prefer a bit more stop and ever so slightly broader skull foreface,  her head planes are parallel and nice flat skull topped with excellent ears. A very dignified looking collie. She is super feminine and well constructed throughout.
2nd Skinners Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal.  9 year old tricolour, being shown in lovely body condition. Although not a flashy tricolour, I love the sweetness and femininity of this girl. Aging gracefully although coming down a little now in pasterns which can be forgiven. Nice head shape, good wedge with a well filled muzzle and parallel planes, melting brown eye expression soft and of intelligence. Good shoulders and a good length to her back, sweeping just over the loin and into well angulated rear with excellent bend of stifle, very decent  rear movement. Shown in lovely coat.

Class 11 minor puppy bitch (4)
1st and best puppy bitch.  Hawkins & Foy, Beldones California. Lovely sable and white just turning 7 months at her first show stood and showed well. Its hard to assess minor puppies against one another, however today this puppy was the most collected in movement in all directions which won her the class. She moves well for a baby, and shows a lot of promise. In profile she presents a beautiful shape, soft lines from head to tail, glamorous with her beautiful white collar enhancing a good length of neck which is very well arched.  Decent head, wedge shaped, muzzle well rounded and reasonably filled. Good ears and eye shape and placement create a nice inquisitive yet intelligent expression.
Excellent bone, she stands on good strong straight legs. Lovely feet.
2nd Whitakers Blueberry Mist. 7 Month old blue merle. It was a really difficult decision between the first ,second and third, with 2 being littermates and very alike. This particular littermate for me earned her placing by having better tipped ears. Not much in it between them and still likely teething, I had to make a choice and this was all I could pick out between them. Promising puppies whom I liked a lot. Excellent size and length of back, looking well balanced. Head was pleasing, stronger than 1, superb fill to foreface , rounded muzzle and excellent under jaw, good parallel planes and flat muzzle with a well placed stop. Beautiful long tail.  Coming and going well enough, everything will get better as they tighten and strengthen up.

Class 12 puppy bitch (1).
1st Rae’s Gataj Majestic Hope.  A very pretty almost 1 year old sable and white shown in an abundance of coat. Pretty head, pleasing to go over with decent length, depth and fill topped with great ears and a almond eye giving a sweet expression. Well made body of good bone, good ribbing and nice length to height ratio. Moves ok.

Class 13 junior bitch (4,1a).
1st and Reserve Best Bitch ,Howards Serenlas Angel of Casatentola. 15 month old tricolour I have judged before. One of superb temperament. She has a lovely feminine head with such a sweet expression, aided by eye shape and placement and well used ears which were used at all times.  Good parallel head planes and correct stop, decent muzzle and under jaw and nice tight lips. Neck Is strong, of a fair length and beautifully arched, flows into good lay of shoulders supported by strong straight legs made of good bone. Body is developing, but well made with good ribbing and excellent length of back and a slight rise over her loin finished with a lovely tail, presenting an elegant and balanced profile. Moves well in all directions and wearing a nicely fitted coat.
2 nd Newmans Ingledene Crystal Vision of Phreelancer. Eye catching , well coated 13 month old blue merle. Good parallel head planes and good fill to foreface, stop could be a little bit more pronounced. Well set and tipped ears and obliquely set blue eyes make for a striking picture. Very femininely shaped, although still growing and needing more back length to
complete her. Fabulous sound mover in all directions. She was unsettled with me today sadly.

Class 14 novice. No entries.

Class 15 graduate bitch (2)
1st , Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed, Whites Mejola Main Event JW. Gorgeous shaded sable and white just turned 2 years old. I love her shape. Her head is lovely to handle, feminine, clean and well balanced. Parallel planes, with good depth and fill to foreface and skull , desired placement and depth of stop, well placed and sized eyes that give a true collie expression of intelligence. Excellent ears placed well on her head and used to her advantage.  Wonderful length of neck, elegantly arches and flows down to well laid shoulders, a long firm topline with supportive loin above which is a gentle arch. Forequarters and hindquarters have great angulation allowing her to stand with balance and move with absolute soundness. Another of good muscular condition. Excellent front reach and rear drive.
2nd Beardworths Maysinder Sapphire Reign. Just 19 months old and still very much maturing there is a lot to like about this blue merle. Moving better than when I judged her last, and looking a little bit more grown up. Larger built than 1, this young girl is very shapely. Lovely length to her back and neck, strong and arched to carry her head proudly. I like her head shape with great filling to foreface and depth to skull. Lovely eye and excellent ears, placed and used well.  Well built body, good bone in her legs and excellent feet.  Movement today was generally pretty decent ,now tracking better in front. I look forward to watching her mature.

Class 16 post graduate bitch (1,1a)

Class 17 limit bitch (4,1a)
1st Blakes kinneret Kopper Kisses for Corydon. 6 year old sable and white. Excels in movement and superb shape which won her this class. Head is ok although shorter than my preference , topped with good ears well which are well used. Bright and alert looking.  Her profile is balanced and elegant, beautiful shape flowing from a well arched, strong neck of good length all the way to her gently sloping croup. Good strength to topline. Well angulated forequarters and hindquarters made running around the ring a completely effortless task, looking excellent in all directions. Super reach and drive.
2nd  Farthings Aldreen Illusion in Blue for Didek.  Very pretty 3 year old blue merle, I really like this girl she has lots of appeal. Just coming back after having puppies I am sure it wont be long until she is back to her best self.  I love her head, excellent shape and good moulding of foreface, well balanced with a well placed stop. Well set eyes and ears bang ontop, expression is bright and alert. Good body, with correct length of back, angulation is reasonable and movement ok.

Class 18 Open bitch (2,2a) I felt both these exhibits moved very well in all directions.
1st Hawkins and Foy Beldones Touch of Class. almost 4 year old sable and white. Head wise I preferred the fill of foreface and depth to head of this exhibit which was my deciding factor on the class placement. Ears are a little wide set. In lovely coat, beneath which is a well made body and legs of good bone. Maintains a strong topline , moving well with power in the rear and good reach.
2nd Beares Jemspark Maid in Secret. Bright and alert in expression, this soon to be veteran is still moving like a youngster. Nice overall shape and good body proportions , she has a good topline and shows her neck off better than 1 without having to feel for it, also partly down to having less coat for the summer. She is aging well. Excellent , free and easy movement coming and going.

Judge, Stacy Steven