Collie Association Champ Show  24th September 2021


Thank you to the  C A Committee for the invite to judge at their re arranged show from 2020, to my stewards Tracey and Trevor and to the exhibitors for their entries..
An interesting day but a very long one spent with the Roughs and Smooths
Although it is some years since we have owned and shown a Rough Collie I still like to keep an interest in them, but I do have some concerns for this lovely breed, I found many lacking in a correct head,  tails on so many were way too short. Although huge coats carried by some do not help with their overall balanced appearance I did find the presentation on almost all was very good.

Veteran Dog 4 (1)

  1. Tipper’s  Ch Tiganlea Too Good to be Forgotten.   Masculine 7 1/2 yrs S/W, good frame covered by well presented coat and shown in good condition. Head handles well with good eye and ear set. Liked his overall make and shape, he has very neat feet and moved well.
  2. Skinner’s  Nikal It’s Gud to be Black VW.     Tri of 10 yrs also shown in good condition, nice head, eye and expression. Although sometimes reluctant to use them ears are well placed. Moved ok, nice overall shape and size.
  3. Williams’ Essanjay Dark Moon Rising

Minor Puppy  Dog  4 (2)

  1.  Scott’s  Sherlock Holmes of Moon River for Chantique (Imp Fra) Naf Taf.   8 mnths Tri of good size and overall shape. He has a nice eye and expression and was well presented. Steady mover.
  2. Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Summer of Rockets. 6 ½ mnths very much a baby at this age, head is ok but still has to clear in stop, although he has a nice eye and neat ear set. Moved well enough for his first show.

Puppy Dog  5 (1)

  1. Collin’s Triburle Chance of Passion. Well presented masculine S/W 9 ½ months. Nice looking puppy liked his size at this age.  Good bone and overall shape. He has a good front, nice head, lovely eye and expression.  Needs to tighten in his rear movement. BPD
  2. Tipper’s  Tiganlea Twist and Turn. 9 mnths  S/W of smaller size but overall well balanced puppy.  He is finer in foreface but has a good eye and neat ears. In good coat and condition. Moved ok.
  3. Milligan & Marley’s Alfsden He Lives in you.

Junior Dog  4

  1. Turner’s Chantique Magical Mystery.  Up to size S/W, good bone.  Although a nice eye and expression I would prefer a better balanced head. Very well presented and moved well enough.
  2. Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough (Imp Rus)   Tri, although good overall make and shape he was a much smaller size. Another well presented dog. Nice eye and ear set but his head needs to clear.  Moved OK
  3. Beardsworth  Maysinder Diamante Grezzo

Yearling  8 (1)

  1. Beaden’s Marvalan Spirit of Rock (Imp Pol) . This young Tri who although still needs to mature, is one of the few today with a well balanced head.  Good eye and expression and well used neat ears.  Sound construction with nice black coat and dark tan.  Well presented. Moved soundly.
  2. Turner’s Paulara No Where Man. Heavily coated Tri, nice size and shape. Would prefer a better head pattern although he has a nice eye and expression, he moved ok.
  3. Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough.

Novice Dog 8 (2)

  1. Collin’s Triburle Chance of Passion.
  2. Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough
  3. Pullin’s Barrenclough Diamond Dawn at Myjacks

Graduate Dog  4 (3)

  1. Dix’s Barrenclough Diamond Skies . S/W 5th in novice class who was shown in nice condition. He has a nice eye and expression. Very reluctant to show.

Post Grad Dog  1

  1. Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin. Stood alone in this class, a very nicely coloured blue merle with a correct body fitting coat which was well presented. Nice size and shape with a good balanced outline. Nice head and eye, although ear set ok he was a bit reluctant to use them. Moved well enough.

Mid Limit Dog  5

  1. Lockyer’s Gataj Stuck by Lightning The presentation on this very promising young S/W male was first class. He has a nice front and rear construction giving a nice overall shape. Good eye, well set ears he shows himself off well. He moved soundly.
  2. Boyle’s  Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW. Shaded S/W of good size. Nice make and shape. His ears are well set but was reluctant to use them indoors today. He moved well enough.
  3. Jones’ Brooklynson Black Diamond with Dancol

Limit Dog  7

  1. Brooker’s Corisian French Connection JW. Impressive S/W who really stood out for his balanced shape and size. Nice head pattern using his well set ears to advantage, with good construction he moved well. He has good angles front and rear
  2. Shipp’s No More Heroes Du Clos De Sea-Wind JW (Imp Fra) Another S/W of good size with a nice balanced outline. Nice head and good ear carriage. Again well presented but preferred movement on 1st today.
  3. Bluck’s Phreelancer Chill Phactor for Elshajo.

Open Dog  7

  1. Tipper’s Tiganlea Tone Down. Was very taken with this Tri dog who I had only seen once before in the ring and was not disappointed when I handled him. Good correct balanced head.  Lovely dark eye and well set ears, not a born showman but with a sympathetic handler he showed me enough that he has a lovely expression. He is not the biggest of dogs but he has a good neck and length of body.  Liked his body fitting coat which just shows off his very good overall shape and with correct construction he moved out well. So pleased to award him today the CC and to find out it was his crowning one. Congratulations.  B.O.S.I.S.
  2. Hassock’s Camanna Codename. Masculine and lovely coloured shaded S/W with a wealth of very well presented coat. His head handles well with a lovely moulded foreface, nice eye and neat ears. Good balanced body shape. He shows himself off to advantage and he moved out well.  RCC
  3. Randall’s Ladnar Mustriharder.

Penny Sewell