(held in conjunction with The National)

Not our usual standard of shows, but the club felt that other than lose the 2020 set of CC's, this was the next best option. Then our approved judge Miss Joyce Skilbeck had to withdraw on health grounds.   So as time was limiting, the committee decided that I should replace Joyce.    Joyce, I hope that you are feeling a lot better by now and wish you good health for the future.

Understandably, there were mixed feelings about the suspension of judging after mid limit bitch, but this affected most breed clubs that had their shows here also, and it will have to be something clubs and exhibitors will have to consider when organising their shows with a General Ch Show.   We need to be seen to be fair to all exhibitors and our members.

1. Shipps Rahlissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro
Well, what do I say about this lovely ‘golden oldie’ at 11.5 years young.   Could put a lot of dogs to shame, moved like a youngster and so true.  She was presented in pristine condition, head has retained its lovely balance and refinement, lovely dark eye, and still the sweetest of expressions.   I must m ention teeth, they were beautiful, not a blemish on them, with a perfect bite.   Correct body shape, with lovely front and rear action.   She is a credit to her owners and thank you for bringing her.   Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show.
2. Swain/Hopper Lexcols Jewel In My Crown
Another lovely sable/white, sound in movement and enjoying her day out.   Head has retained its refinement, in good body, coat well presented.
3. Skinners Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal

Minor Puppy
1. Revdvicki Tahitian Pearl at Tiganlea
7 month tri bitch, well presented coat as always from this kennel.  So outgoing for one so young, lovely little mover, jet black coat, white was white, head handled well, balanced, with the sweetest eye and stop.  Lovely neck on to good shoulders, length of back and ample bone, neat feet
2. Troop – Elshajo Made by Magic
8 month sable/white, very confident young lady of good make and shape with ample bone, neat feet, head is nicely moulded with a lovely dark eye, ample stop giving her a sweet expression.   Presented in a wealth of coat which was groomed to perfection, moved well covering the ground with ease.
3. Llewellyn Salsina Maid By Magic
Another lovely youngster, but a bit overawed by it all.   Hope she settles

Puppy Bitch
1. Lockyer Gataj Good Time Girl
My notes say what a beautiful puppy, an art in presentation from this kennel, beautifully presented, of a lovely make and shape, balanced all over.   Lovely refined head with a lovely almond shape dark eye, nicely placed, with enough stop, nicely filled in foreface and ears sitting right on top giving a melting expression.   Lovely front and turn of stifle, with neat feet and long tail.  Moved well.   BPB and BPIS.   Thank you for bringing her, I predict a bright future for this young lady.
2. Burrows Revdvicki True Reflection
Tri bitch in a jet black coat which was well presented.   Balanced all over with a good neck, head handles well, lovely dark eye, neat ears set correctly, but I would have liked a bit more filling in foreface and underjaw.   She moved well, covering the ground with ease.

Junior Bitch
1. Harrison Cambrogan Lady of Loch‘aber at Cariadhaf
My notes say ‘what a lovely bitch’, well balanced all over, presented in a wealth of good harsh coat which was groomed to perfection.   Balanced head of good length with a nice dark eye and well filled foreface.  Good stop and underjaw, lovely expression.  Good neck, shoulders, front and turn of stifle.  Short hocks, ample bone, neat feet enabled her to move soundly, covering the ground with ease.

Yearling Bitch
1. Boyle Barrenclough Touch of Silk
Sable of a nice size, make and shape, unfortunately she thought she would have a change of wardrobe, but forgot to put on her new clothes, nothing to hide.   Head is lovely with a sweet expression, well made all over and she was so sound on the move, would like to see her in full coat.

Graduate Bitch
1. Scott’s Chantique Fairy Magic
Always a pleasure to judge this exhibitors dogs.  Sable/white, correct for size, good body, with ample neck, a lovely head piece, sweetest of expressions coming from two lovely well placed dark eyes.   Neat ears which she continuously used, good front, and well angulated at the rear, with lovely neat feet, sound on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Scott’s Chantique Phantasia
Another lovelybitch from this well known kennel, and of similar make and shape of ‘Fairy Magic’.   Balanced refined head piece with a sweet expression, in a lovely well presented coat groomed to perfection, she also was sound on the move.
2. Jones/Blackburn Erjon Evolving Star
Mature sable of different type to first, who was well made all over, good conformation and balanced.   Head handled well, with a desired expression, she moved well, but just preferred the expression of first.

Mid Limit Bitch
1. Growcott Lillyway Lemonade Blush
Another lovely sable who I cannot recall seeing before.   Of a lovely make and shape and balanced all over.   Head is refined, nicely filled in foreface, two dark eyes, neat ears, all giving her the sweetest of expressions.   Nice neck, shoulders and a good front, nicely angulated at the rear with ample bone.   Neat feet which enabled her to move with purpose and drive.   Beautifully groomed.   Very attentive to her handler, was pleased to award her the RCC.   I wish her well for the future.
2. Edwards Elshajo Adored
Another lovely sable who today was just unlucky to come up against ‘Lemonade Blush’, of a different type to her, but of equal quality.   She too possesses all the attributes of the Rough Collie, lovely body, and a balanced head, with the sweetest of expressions and turned out to the nines and a lovely sound mover.
3. Jemspark Maid in Secret

Limit Bitch
1. Paradise Girl du Clos de SeaWind for Gataj (Imp Fra)
A beautiful sable bitch, beautifully presented with a lovely refined head piece.    A lovely dark eye, neat ears give her the sweetest expression.   So attentive to her handler, good confirmation with good quarters.   Ample bone, neat feet and so sound on the move.
2. Llewellyn Artzaiak Selina de Salsina (Imp Esp)
Another quality sable who is knocking on the door.   Presented in good coat of good texture, balanced all over, with a lovely head piece giving her a sweet expression.  Another who was so attentive to her handler, unlucky to come up against first today.
3. Randall’s Ladnar Inkheart

Open Bitch
1. Lockyer Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
My star of the day, just m y type of bitch.   A sable bitch of the highest quality, she came and conquered.   She epitomises the Rough Collie Breed Standard.   Perfectly balanced with good body, her head is of a nice length, well filled in foreface with a good underjaw.   Stop is as required and with her neat ears sitting right on top she had the sweetest expression.   Good neck, shoulders and a lovely front and top line which she held on the move.   Well angulated at the rear and lovely neat feet, she moved as I thought she would covering the ground with such ease.   Another that was groomed to perfection and I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC and later the Referee (Mrs Sandra Wigglesworth) awarded her BOB and BIS.
2. Shipp’s Gillyflower Della Buca Della Fate (Imp Ita)
Quality sable of different type to first who demanded attention.   Lovely make and shape and balanced all through.   Lovely head piece, sweet expression, and ample bone.   Neat feet enabled her to move soundly, just feel that the best is yet to come for this bitch as she gives her all.   I wish her well for the future.
3. Bardos Hun/Int Ch Tiganlea Make Good Time

BCC Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
RCC Lillyway Lemonade Blush
BPB Gataj Good Time Girl
Eleanor Kitchen