Championship show Rough Collie Dogs

It is always an honour to officiate at breed specialist Ch shows so I anticipated this appointment with much pleasure. Sadly, it was disappointing to see how the numbers have dropped so dramatically in the last decade. Furthermore the number of exhibits which are of outstanding quality is much lower than it was some years ago. When I recall the quality exhibits from kennels such as Jefsfire, Antoc, Jasand, Clickham, Dunsinane, Rokeby, Aberthorne, Sandiacre, Karava, Danvis and so many others, it is disappointing to see how much, I feel, the breed has declined. But I enjoyed my day as the Society made me feel most welcome and the lunch was par excellent!!

V (5) 1 & BVIS Rae’s Antoc Soul Mate, lovely quality rising 9 years old sable. Such a good head, flat skull, sufficient stop, excellent underjaw line and a kind expression from well shaped eyes. He is well constructed, has a lovely arched neck and a clean croup line. The smoothest side action and in good coat. Surely he is unlucky not to have earned a title. 2 Bartram’s Aqualita One Love another s/w in superb body condition which is reflected in his profile action, even steps and ample rear drive. He has an excellent reach of neck and his skull is flat. Not the underjaw of the winner and his ears were not quite so well carried. 3 Scott’s Aniesh Touch of Black

MP (4) 1st Howard, Newton & Patterson’s Ladnar Dreamchaser this blue merle is a good colour, sufficient reach of neck, nicely ribbed and smooth croup line to a well set tail. Pleasing head with good eyes and ears. Side on his stride is balanced but he lost the BP award on being too close in hock when going away and not the ground cover in profile. 2 Beaden’s Myriehew Spirit of Oz NAF, this young tri was spotless in coat but he was just having his day out with the lads!...hence his somewhat exuberant tail carriage! Very young. he is a bit narrow in skull for me but he has a well weighted foreface and a decent arch to his neck. Ample ribbing with sufficient rear angulation. His coat needs to settle and he must learn to stride out more. 3 Fielding’s Lillyway Lemon Crush

P (5/3) Two quality puppies. 1 Blake’s Corydon Krug this tri was immaculate in presentation. I liked his head proportions, excellent muzzle and underjaw super eyes and ears, nice reach in neck with good head carriage which adds to his appeal. His length/height proportions are so balanced and his side action is smooth and even striding Must have a bright future. 2 Lockyer’s Gataj Out of The Woods this heavily coated golden sable would have been a worthy winner in his own right. Such a good head, eyes and expression, in superb coat and his backline and well moulded croup add to his appeal. He has a well laid shoulder, sufficient rear angulation and is sound moving. Just not quite the floating, purposeful stride of the winner.

J (4/2) 1 & BPD Blake’s Demelewis Silver Spur at Corydon his critics will dislike this blue merle as his colour could be clearer. Hopefully it will improve when he attains his adult coat. That aside, he is lovely to go over with such a well balanced, clean one piece head, good stop ,smooth cheeks, neat ears, lovely eyes and expression, then that well arched neck. He has an excellent fore assembly, very good ribs, smooth croup and a well carried tail. He went around the ring showing reach and drive and his action was so smooth and balanced. 2 Hanson’s Jards Ring Presence heavily coated s/w who was rather proud of his tail and obvious enjoyment at being in the ring! Flat skull, modicum of stop, very good eyes and ears, nice spring of rib, well weighted bone and good feet. Covers the ground in profile but not quite the smooth, powerful stride of the winner.

Y (5) 1 Blake’s Corydon The Grandmaster I see yet another quality example from this renowned kennel. This lad is s/w and on the stack he presents as a quality dog of style and high station with that almost regal head carriage. I loved his head and expression, his length/height proportions are so correct and he showed a balanced, smooth profile stride as he circled the ring. When in full coat I am sure he will be a serious contender for the top awards. 2 Spendelow’s Uffspring the Understudy this well coated and presented tri just did not like the floor and never really did himself justice on the move. Pleasing head and eyes, ears being carried a bit low (clearly unhappy with the ring) but he was a credit in coat presentation and he is so well angulated and bodied. 3 J. Ring Presence

N (7) 1 C. Krug 2 Brooker’s Corisian Parisian Magic just 7 months old this g/s was another which disliked the floor covering and so moved gingerly around the ring most of the time. He has a pleasing head, very good eyes and neat ears, scores in neck and he has ample spring of rib with decent length of foreleg, beautifully moulded croup and when stacked he was most responsive and showed well. 3 Gautrey’s Lillway Landwind

G (8) 1 May’s Camanna Carefreeechanging for Maqueeba this very heavily coated s/w has much to like but he does lack a bit in showmanship. He is a delight to go over, I liked his head properties, soft, kind eyes, ample neck, beautifully ribbed and angulated and nicely rounded croup. He is sound in action but I am sure that outdoors he will look even better 2 C. The Grandmaster 3 Beaden’s Marvalan Spirit of Rock (Imp Pol)

PG (8) 1sTurner’s Chantique Magical Mystery is well ribbed with ample rear angulation. The truth is that this s/w is over coated for me as the wealth of jacket detracts from his athletic shape, making his neck appear shorter than it is. He has a well balanced head, very good expression and neat ears. His side action is balanced but he was toeing in coming towards me. 2 Allsop’s Aqualita It’s A Miracle tall tri in spotless coat condition and presentation. He is well constructed, lovely backline and rounded croup, well muscled hindquarters and a co-operative showman. Head a tad too strong for me with little stop and he was a bit proud of his tail on the move. 3 Webb’s Rashel Time Is Of The Essence at Shawdowpark

Mid L (5) 1 Jones’ Brooklynson Black Diamond With Dancol this tri won this class on account of his balanced construction and sound movement, especially his profile action which showed ground cover and purpose. He has a lovely arched neck, is so well ribbed and angulated and was immaculate in coat. Not quite the head of those I put over him in the challenge as he has a tad too generous a stop and his ears could be higher set. 2 Ware’s Poker Face Du Clos De Sea-wind (Imp Fr) very heavily coated s/w with a well balanced head, smooth cheeked, lovely eyes, ears rather low set for me, well set and carried tail, just about enough neck, ample spring of rib and a co-operative showman. Was toeing in when coming towards me and side on he lacked the lightness of footfall of the winner. 3 Bluck’s Phreelancer Chilli Phactor for Elshajo

L (4/1) 1 Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin a very well coloured blue merle with an air of style and quality. Very good head, clean cheeked, moderate stop, lovely expression and sufficient neck length. So well bodied with balanced angulation both ends. Moved out in profile with ample reach and drive. 2 Lockyer’s Gataj Struck By Lightning a g/s in such lovely coat and body condition. Head a bit deep through in skull for me although he scores in eyes for size, shape and expression. Not quite the rear angulation of the winner and when they circled the ring together he was less light footed than King Pin. 3 Bartram’s Ambartr King of the Ring

O (14/4) 1 & CC Blake’s Corydon Trump The Lot lovely type, size and shape. All male, well balanced head with a pleasing expression. Super reach of neck, so well ribbed, complimentary angulations and spotless coat. He has a well moulded croup which leads to a correctly carried tail. He had the best front action of the day and side on he is balanced, purposeful and seemingly effortless in stride. More than happy to award him the CC which I am told gives him his richly deserved title. 2 & Res CC Geddes’ Ch Ingledene Mercury Risin JW this lovely coloured and coated blue merle is a worthy title holder. Not the greatest showman in the world and he has to be handled to be appreciated. Clean one piece head, a hint of stop, smooth cheeked, well shaped, so expressive eyes and well set ears - when he chose to use them!! Shapely, stylish, immaculate in coat and at his best on the move where his light, free striding action is a delight to see. 3 Grainger’s Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo standing is an easy CC winner but just failed to extend much in profile movement.


Albert Wight