Collie Association 28.11.21


I would like to thank the committee for the invite to judge given before I became a committee member. Also to the majority of exhibitors for accepting my placings. Thank you to my two stewards who did an excellent job. It was a super entry at times difficult to find a type but I was really pleased with my final line up. Although I found several short tails the carriage has greatly improved. Most were not keen on the floor, so I forgave movement in several cases.

V (7,4) 1 Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay Nice head shape with a sweet expression, neat ears which she used well. Fair length of neck a well balanced body and good angulation. Moved ok. 2 Brookers Telforth Sweet Dreams To Corisian JW Just preferred the head on winner, nice eye .Good reach of neck, nice shape and size. Moved well. 3 Skinners Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal.

MP (5,1) 1 Randalls Ladnar Izadorable Just 6 months old but performed like a veteran, super balanced head with sweet expression. Good front and neat feet. Very well put together with a good reach of neck, lovely clear blue merle presented to perfection . BPB on the referee/Bis judges BPIB & BPIS. 2 Newmans Phreelancer Phormal Dress Preferred the head type on winner. Very balanced good reach of neck and length of back good angulations and moved really well. Presentation good. 3 Spendlows Riverside Song Narayana For Uffspring (Imp Rom) NAF TAF.

PB (6,3) 1 Lockyers Gataj Good Time Girl Mature puppy very balanced nice size. Super eye and lovely expression used her ears well. Good front and neat feet. Moved ok. Excellent presentation. 2 Leslies Kleopatra At Intermittent Lake (imp Slo) Preferred the head on the winner Not quite the showgirl. Nice shape and good angulation, moved well. Good presentation. 3 Mcentees Gerian Sunheart.

JB (1) 1 Jones & Blackburns Erjon Ebony Jewels Tri stood alone but quality. Head is balanced correct stop super eye and sweet expression. Super outline that flows, well arched neck Good angulation neat feet. Not in full coat but presented very well. Went really well in the class but in the challenge just didn’t get it together which was a shame as was considering her for top honours.

YB (10,3) 1 Randalls Ladnar Inkspot Stood out in quality Balanced head with a lovely almond eye giving a super sweet expression. Arched neck and excellent body shape, good muscle and moved well . In lovely coat and presented to perfection. Super type and I was pleased to award her the CC, BOB & BIS on the Referee /BIS judges decision. 2 Blucks Paulara Lucy In The Sky For Elshajo. Another nice bitch balanced throughout, good length of neck, moved well. Excellent presentation. 3 Spendlows Uffspring Unstoppable

NB (5,2) 1 Spendlows Riverside Song Narayana For Uffspring (imp Rom)NAF TAF Blue merle placed 3rd in MP. Nice eye and expression. Was a bit more settled. 2nd Regans Phreelancer Phirst Song. Good reach of neck. Moved ok but wasn’t settled 3 Bartrams Ambartr Winds Of Change.

GB (11,4) 1 Quinces Thistlewing Celtic Soul For Karafaye I really liked this honest bitch balanced head nice eye and expression when she used her ears. I liked her size and balanced shape.Well arched neck and moved well, was delighted to award her the RCC. 2 Philpins Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic A well presented Tri, not quite the showgirl but moved well enough to get this place. 3rd Murry & Bellmys Starlenga Shes All That For Beloreen.

PGB (10,5) 1 Davis Samhaven Saphire For Beldones quality blue merle nice type. Balanced head nice eye and good ears, was a little hesitant on the floor but with her sympathetic handler I saw enough to win this class. Overall balanced. Good front, neat feet presented well. 2 Scotts Chantique Phantasia Loved her shape and size, neat feet, good reach of neck. Nice eye and expression. Wasn’t quite in show condition today. 3 Philpins Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic

MLB (10,4) 1 Tames Riverside Song Xtra Sweet At Rahlissa (imp Rom). Clear winner of this class Balanced head with nice eye and expression. Good angulation and overall balanced, moved well. A profuse coat presented to perfection. 2 Newmans Phreelancer Phaith Hill A balanced head little stronger than the winner, used her ears well. Good reach of neck. Presentation very good. 3 Beares Jemspark Maid In Secret

LB (10,3) 1 Jones & Blackburns Erjon Evolving Star A nice clean head a sweet expression. Good reach of neck and a nice size and shape. Well constructed quality bitch. 2 Lockyers Gataj Girls Best Friend Another sweet girl, good reach of neck on a balanced body moved well. Excellent presentation. 3 Bakers Tiganlea Good Luck Trinket For Marilake.

OB (8,4) 1 Hodges Ch Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM A quality bitch Super reach of neck, good front neat feet. Balanced outline with a profuse coat with excellent presentation. 2 Tippers Tiganlea Too Good To Be True Very much my type balanced throughout Sweet expression good reach of neck. Moved well but was not being cooperative to her handler on the stand. 3 Leslies Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell.

Tracey Wilkinson