The Collie Association - 26th November 2017 - Smooth Collies

I would like to thank the offers and committee for inviting me to judge and to my stewards who kept my ring running like clockwork.  I had a lovely selection of Smooths to choose my winners from and a big thankyou to all the exhibitors for their entries.

Veteran Dog/Bitch 3 (0)

  1.  Moores Miss D – Manordeifi Silver Sparkle
    Judged this lady as a puppy and she still appeals today,  good shape and nicely angulated.  Head is clean with parallel planes, with correctly shaped eye giving a sweet expression. Moved well holding here topline BVIB
  2. Russell Mrs K & Mr R – Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan
    Sable and white male of good size and well proportioned. Masculine expression, resulting from a nice eye and ear set with a well rounded muzzle.  Moved well and steady.

Puppy Dog 1(0)

  1. Tiranti Mr & Mrs J – Wynele Sea Captain Earthfield
    9 month old blue merle who first appeared a bit apprehensive but when he settled he stood.  He has a nice head and molding to foreface, good neck and well angulated.  On the move he was inclined to pace  but his build would suggest this will be overcome when he gains confidence.

Junior Dog 4(0)

  1.  Beeney Mrs S – Coneypark Black Sabbath
    Upstanding tri dog who is every bit masculine.  He has a very balanced head with parallel planes, good ear set and nice dark eye, giving a lovely expression.  Well constructed with good depth to chest on the move he held his top line well moving true front and rear.  Good feet and length of tail. RBD
  2. Cowling Ms E – Koczkodan Nostromo
    Tri boy slightly smaller than 1, with well developed head, good foreface and nice dark eye. Well angulated front and rear.   Moved ok.


Post Graduate Dog 1(0)

  1.  Denton Mrs J – Brackenhaye Fields of Gold

This Sable boy stood alone in the class but was a worthy winner.   His head is clean with well filled foreface, well set ears and plenty of underjaw.  Good neck leading into well laid shoulders, on the move held his topline and covered ground well.

Limit Dog no entries

Open Dog 5(2)

  1.  French Ms A – Ch Breckamore by Design
    Upstanding blue merle dog who appealed immediately.  Lovely bone and substance, head is balanced with parallel planes, lovely eye and good ear set, well filled foreface giving masculine expression without coarseness.  Good reach of neck, nice deep chest with good spring of rib.  On the move he was sound covering the ground effortlessly holding a firm topline  BD, RBOB, RBIS BOSIS
  2. Cole Mrs D – Ch Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn
    Sable boy who had much to like, but was unsettled.   Well constructed with good reach of neck, head handles well with good eye and pleasing expression.  Moved well

Puppy Bitch 1(0)

  1.  French Ms A – Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore
    Litter sister to the puppy dog but this young lady was full of confidence.  Blue merle of excellent colour, sweet expression from well set and used ears, correctly placed eye and nicely filled foreface.  Good length of neck and nicely angulated throughout.  BPB, BPIB 

Junior Bitch 3(0)

  1.  Pletz Ms R – Foxearth Fandella
    This tri girl appealed for her lovely bone and substance.  She has a sweet expression, enhanced by nicely set ears and a well placed correctly shaped eye.  Good overall balance with correct angulations, she moved as her confirmation would suggest both coming and going holding her topline well.

  2. Russell Mrs K – Koczkodan Serenity
    Tri lady feminine expression, balanced head with good neck, dark eye, good ear carriage.  Well angulated throughout, moved well holding topline.


Post Graduate Bitch 2(0)

  1.  Beeney Mrs S – Brackenhaye When we dance
    Tri bitch who was a little unsettled on the day, well balanced with good angulations front and rear and good length to neck, head handled well with sweet expression, held topline well on move.
  2. Moores Miss D – Manordeifi Summer Magic
    Tri lady with super bone and substance , well used ears and nice eye, well filled foreface with good length of neck and back.  Held topline on the move but needs to settle in her stride to show off her movement.

Limit Bitch 1(0)

  1.  Denton Mrs J – Brackenhaye Shape O’My Heart

This lady stood alone in the class but a worthy winner. Super shape with a good length of back and depth of chest, head handled well with a feminine expression, from correctly placed eyes and ears used constantly.  Foreface was nicely filled with a well placed stop.  On the move she was a little erratic.

Open Bitch 6(3)

    •  Hartley Mrs J – Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack ShCM
      My star of the day what a beautiful feminine lady who is so well balanced.  She has the sweetest of expressions, ears well set which she used none stop, nicely filled foreface, correct stop, lovely dark eye.  Neck was well arched leading into well laid shoulders and correct angulations throughout.  On the move once the handler got the correct speed she covered the ground effortlessly.  Happy to award her BB BOB and later see her go BIS
    • Beeney Mrs S – Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark
      Sable who is nicely balanced, with good bone and neat feet. Head handles well with good foreface and sweet expression.  On the move she held her topline and covered the ground well moving true coming and going.

    Jan Milligan