The Collie Association Championship Show
26th November 2017


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the Collie Association for the invitation to judge bitches at this well run friendly show. My thanks must go to Val Geddes and Geoff Duffield for keeping the ring running smoothly it was much appreciated.

My co judge Sheila Telford and I were in total agreement for BOB awarding this to the  bitch  Riverside Song Happy Ending For Rayvel (Imp Rom).  The Res BOB to Ch Beldones Double Diamond.   Best Puppy Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (Imp Ita).

It is always a great privilege to judge and I would like to thank every exhibitor for entering for my opinion. It was back in 2009 that I last judge bitches, so this appointment was as you can imagine eagerly awaited with great anticipation,especially as I have read and listened to so many negative comments about our lovely breed. I do not feel the need to comment on this as we all know that quality comes and goes. The only way to maintain the highest of quality is to keep your expectations as high as you dare being honest at all time with what you are looking for. Sticking to your own goals and trying to achieve the very best from each dog to be able to move forward with the very best you can.

As exhibitors you should all be very proud and I must commend you all for presenting your exhibits in such sparkling form, everyone of you had taken great care in presenting me with well groomed clean exhibits and I must say that my hands were as clean at the end of the day as they were when I began. Preparing dogs for a show takes a great deal of time and effort, as does the costs to get that exhibit to the show. So can I please offer some advice it is regarding movement try and take the time to view your own dogs on the move just as you would if you was judging them, get someone to handle them and move them on a hard surface this way nothing is hidden from view,  standing directly behind your dog , will show you exactly how they are moving and hopefully once you have seen what they are moving like you can then make decisions as to what can be done to help get the very best out of your exhibits, so many of the bitches today had heads that I found so pleasing and shape that I am so drawn to, but just fell apart on the move.  Hind action on some was very questionable. We are very lucky in our breed to have many breed specialist with a wealth of knowledge often sitting ringside. Their knowledge is invaluable to us all, so if you have as I have over the years come up against a fault that you are stuck with, talk to one of our breed specialists  ask for their advice as to how to go about making improvements, knowing so many of them, I’m sure they would  pass on their thoughts and advice happily to help us all achieve our goals.

Veteran 5 (3 Abs)

1st Mitchells'  Ch Caronlea Celtic By Design at Avonfair (JW),  I cannot believe this gorgeous tricolour is now in veteran. She is a credit to her owner never putting a foot wrong. She has the make and shape I find so appealing and is balance throughout. She moved positively with drive from her well angulated hindquarters. I can never recall seeing her not showing her heart out for her owner and demanding you to take notice of her. Her head is so typical of her breeding her cheeks are clean and her ears are nicely placed on her very flat well filled skull. Her eye is dark and well set just wished it was sweeter.
2nd Aldrichs' Wicani Crowning Glory, at 9 years old this sable was a little disinterested in the whole proceedings bless her. She is a nice size, with a good neck and length to her body. She was well presented and moved as one would expect for an elderly lady, was lovely meeting her.

Minor Puppy  8 (0)
1st Davis' Most Majestic  Victoria of Rosschell (IMP Hun),  this class gave me a great deal to think about, all showing great promise. I liked all the babies standing but movement let many down. But they are just babies and with careful management they will all come on greatly. This 8 month old baby was so together on the move showing all the others what was expected she was very positive in where she placed her feet, which were tight and well padded.  She has lovely rounded bone. I liked her make and shape. Her well groomed coat fitted her outline. She had been well schooled and made the very most of herself. I do however have one concern she is not big in any way, only time will tell if she will grow on. Her head is coming along very well and I liked her ear carriage and how well she used them. She has a lovely placed stop and a nice expression.
2nd Pattersons' Nina Ricci Du Bois Des Amazones For Treeview (Imp Fra) What a promising baby this is she is about right for age. Her length of back greatly appealed as did her neck. She stood and show well on a loose lead which is always lovely to see. She did not move as positively as I had hoped she would, but has plenty of time to gain and grow in confidence. Her head is balanced throughout with a well placed stop. Her eye is dark and well set giving a nice expression.
3rd Johnston Geosamka Simply Oh La La

Puppy 5 (0)
1st Shipps' Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (Imp Ita), now this young bitch got better and better as she grew in confidence. She was for me an outright winner in this class, her correct length to her leg giving her the edge over the rest. She has a good front and rear angles. She was light and effortless on the move covering the ground well. Her head needs time, it is nice to feel with no lumps and bumps but sadly it lacks chin and I would like the lip line longer and tighter. Her eye is very dark and well placed and when standing and showing she makes a very pleasing picture. Congratulations on gaining BPIS.
2nd Rutherfords' Riverside Song unbreakable heart at Kelbewood naf taf, a very well presented sable in a huge coat. She was very sympathetically handled.  But oh she is so heavy, she is carrying far too much weight.  This is already causing problems and hindering her growth plates. She dips in top line standing and looses her top line on the move. She has so much promise. So please put her on a diet before it is too late. Her head again needs time to develop but it is very clean through the cheeks with a flat skull, very dark eye that is well placed all combining to give her a kind expression.
3rd Tame Rahlissa Charmaine

Junior 9(0)
1st Walkers' Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga,  what a glamorous sable she is, her type just instantly appeals to me. She is in full coat, which was groomed to perfection. Her head is so typical of her breeding. It is so very clean with a delightful eye set. Her ears are well placed and used at all times enhancing her lovely expression. Her lip line is long and tight. I loved her overall make and shape. She has good hindquarters with a lovely length to her stifle and lovely short hocks. She appears to be a real handful and I expected her to cover the ground with real ease, she moved well both ways,but just not the ground coverage I expected. On completion of the novice class I understand  gave her the last points she needed for her JW.  Congratulations.
2nd Mcdades' Fridens Capitvation With Lyndale (Imp Rus), this blue merle is a very nice type indeed. Maybe at the moment her colour is a little dark, hopefully when this coat finishes she may come through better. I like so much about her, she has the flattest of skulls which was well filled. She stands well but it is when she relaxes that everything settles into the right place. She has a  good neck and a lovely length to her back. She moved out well and has a good tail set.
3rd Coulsdons' Beldones Shiraz

Yearling 8 (1)
1st Jones' Erjon Exclusively Special,  what a super name for a super blue who is rather special. My eye was quite taken by her lovely flowing lines. She has complete balance with a well made front. Her reach of neck is so joyful to see and sadly lacking on many today.  I loved her length of back and gentle sweep into her well made hindquarters. But when handling her be aware that she can stand a little close when viewed from behind, but this for me today did not distract from her overall quality. She has a very good head pattern and like her body lines her head is balanced with a well placed stop and neat ears. She is not over coated but what she has fitted her outline and was very well presented. She moved very well coming towards me, but I would just like a little more positive hind action. I’m sure that you are going to have some real fun with her and I will watch her progress with great interest.
2nd Fridens' Captivation With Lyndale (Imp Rus)
3rd William Smiths' Danrox Delightfully Wicked

Novice 8 (0)
1st Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga
2nd Beldones Shiraz, today this young lady was giving her handler a tough time. But she has so much to like about her. Her head handles well and has a good expression. She is at that in between stage, but one who when she has coated up and is relaxed outside will look so much better. She moved well in front but a little close behind.
3rd Most Majestic Victory of Rosschell (Imp Hun)

Graduate 6 (2)
1st Tames' Claudette at Rahlissa JW, a lovely sable who instantly appealed. She is not a big girl with just about enough bone.  She is not heavily coated but what she has was well presented and fits her outline. She does however make the most of herself and stands and shows well. She has a nice head type with a well placed stop. Her eye is dark and well placed but could be sweeter. She moved well.
2nd Boyles' Arlkethill Helena  18 month old bigger sable but a lovely type. She has a lovely length to her head with a dark well placed eye. Her skull is flat and well filled. She uses her ears well but today was over eager for her treats which was spoiling her outline over stretching everything.  She has such a lovely length to her back and good hindquarters.  I’m sure on another day that she will excel to the job in hand and show off all her charms so much better and I will look forward to seeing her at another show. She moved well.
3rd Fridens' Captivation With Lyndale (Imp Rus)

Post Graduate 14 (4)
1st Sibbalds' Telforth Little Mix, this was a lovely class. What a gorgeous girl this is. Now she is not a showing fool and at times gives her very patient handler a hard time. Oh but when she pulls it all together she is stunning. She is not a big girl but she is another that instantly appeals for her breed type and complete balance. She stands and holds her neck well with just enough length to her back. She has well angulated  hindquarters and short hocks. Her head is lovely to handle so very clean through the cheeks with a lovely strong under jaw.  Her dark almond eyes are  well set with a clean stop and well moulded fore face.  When she uses her ears she has that oh look at me expression once seen never to be forgotten. She moved steadily in all directions.  I was thrilled to award her the Res CC. Congratulations.
2nd Scotts' Chantique Sugar Plum Fairy.  I just loved this sable’s stunning head what a joy it is to handle. She has the darkest of eyes which are  obliquely set.  Her stop is well placed and very clean. She has a good chin and tight lip line. Her well placed ears with the correct top third tipping are used to full advantage enhancing her gorgeous expression.  Today she had enough coat which was nicely presented. I will look forward to seeing her when in full coat.  Move ok,  just wished she had a more positive hind action.
3rd Llewellyns' Salsina Black Magic

Mid Limit 5 (2)
1st Blaikies' Kourika Kandita  I was quite taken with this blue. She is a great size. I found her very elegant in profile with lovely graceful lines. She was in full coat of decent colour. Her clean head handles well. She has a well filled back skull and nicely set ears. She stood and showed. She was another here today that just did enough on the move.
2nd Mcgowans' Barrenclough Golden Charm at Westoak, now in contrast this young lady had left most of her coat at home. In full coat I would expect her to be rather lovely. She has a very nice head type and showed her charms of at all times. Her eye is very dark and well placed and she has a nicely filled fore face. She has very nice body proportions and moved out well.
3rd Harrisons' Cariadhaf Classic Touch

Limit 9 (0)
1st Planks' Riverside Song Happy Ending For Rayvel (Imp Rom), Oh my, the more I looked the more I liked, the more I liked the more I just had to look. This lovely sable  just blew me away today.  Her outline in profile is quite stunning. She has lovely height to length ratios and her balance throughout instantly appealed. She has a well made front and a great reach of neck that is enhanced by a huge white shawl. Her length of back instantly appeals to me and my interpretation of the breed standard. She has strong well made hind quarters with the correct length to her thigh. Her hocks are short and her feet neat. Standing she is so very stylish. She shows herself of maximising all her assets. She is not flamboyant on the move but sensibly covered the ground with a free flowing action. Her head is so refined and clean though the cheeks.  Her skull is flat and nicely filled. All of this is capped off with the neatest of ears which she uses to enhance her glorious expression. I found her simply gorgeous today and was thrilled to award her the CC.  Huge Congratulations.
2nd Mcgowans' Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian (Imp Rom) another sable from the same kennel as the CC winner. But this one has left most of her coat at home. She is another with a very appealing head the darkest of eyes which could be sweeter. She uses her ears well. She has a good front. Her length of back is just enough. She moves well in front but I would like her to have a more positive hind action. I will follow this sable with interest as one when in full coat will surely turn some heads.
3rd Hodges Jopium Love Heart JW Sh CM

Open 9 (0)
1st Muirs' Tiganlea Fairy Tale, this lovely sable was turned out in immaculate order and is a credit to her owner. I found so much to like about her. Her head is very clean with a good fore face and well fill back skull. Her eye is dark and nicely set. Now she appears to be the complete showgirl and never took her eyes of her handler. At times when standing her front lets her down which is such a shame. She has a good body shape and strong hindquarters. On the move she powered away from me but sadly I found her a little loose in her front pasterns which on this flooring did not help her cause.
2nd William Smiths' Danrox Loves To Be Wicked, another gorgeous sable, like the winner she has so much going for her. She was also turned out in tip top condition and is also a credit to her owners. This one also is the complete showgirl and is another that watches her handlers every move and really can turn on the charms. Her head is very nice not the filling of the winner but she has no flaring. Her stop is well placed. She has a good neck, her front is nicely made. I found her to have just enough length to her back with great hindquarters. She also powered away from me with real purpose.
3rd Foy & Hawkins Salsina Black Lace at Beldones