Collie Association Championship Show
27 /11 16
It was a great pleasure to be asked to judge this lovely show. The committee made me so welcome. Such a well run show. Thanks to the exhibitors who entered some lovely bitches for me to judge

Rough Collie Bitches

Veteran 3
1 Finney’s Linamac Leona, Tri nearly 9 yo In fabulous coat and condition. Good head although I would prefer a little less stop, good ear carriage and sweet eye. Right amount of neck and excellent spring of rib. Moved ok. Very well presented
2 Campbell’s Culbrae Charm Offensive, sable 7 yo Good level head planes correct eye and expression. Good front but a little close at the back. Very well presented and handled
3 Aldrich Wicani Crowning Glory

1 Bellamy’s Beloreen Starlight Blue merle, what a lovely puppy head is a joy to handle with nothing exaggerated. Sweet eye and ears right on top made for a fabulous expression so hard to get in a blue. Her colour is perfect and movement excellent pleased to award her BPB
2  Smith’s Rashel Razzle Dazzle another lovely blue, good head with flat skull, correct stop and almond  eye used her ears well, not quite the expression of 1 but conformation is good as is her movement. Well presented and handled
3 Ware’s Bella Bumba Della Buca Delle Fate at Wassail

1 Johnston’s Sea Dreamers Walking on Sunshine (Imp NLD) Nice little sable who I have judged before, presents a very pretty picture when standing and her movement is excellent. She has a nice head with the sweetest of eye giving a super expression Very well presentented by her young handler    
2 Jones’ Erjon Exclusively Special blue merle, liked this one a lot has very elegant shape coming from a great neck and well laid shoulder, good rib and went bent stifle. I like her head, 2 level planes and just the right stop. Moved well both ways
3 Boyles’ Barrenclough Golden Pearl

1 Fort’s Shulune Cast a Spell  Tri colour, what a sweetie loved her head, eye and expression, great ears when she chose to use them. Good neck and shoulder, and good bend of stifle enabling her to move with drive. Little out of coat today but just showed off her lovely shape. Pity she was so unsettled
2 Johnston’s Riverside Song Hey Jude with Geosamka Sable bitch nice type, good head and the sweetest expression, very sound on the move, Well muscled, Very well turned out and handled.
3 Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Pearl    

1 Margetts Collingvale Crème Anglaise JW Sable Correct head planes and good ear carriage, Good front and rear. Moved very well. Very well presented and handled
2 Randall’s Ladnar Inkheart JW Tri colour Jet black. This one is a lovely shape and moved very well, turned out to perfection. Just felt her head was a little unbalanced. But  a lovely girl
3 Lockyer’s Gataj Fairytale Surprise

1 Jones Erjon Exclusively Special 2nd in puppy
2 Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Pearl 3rd in puppy and junior, a very sound girl who moved well. Lovely expression, Very attentive to her handler
3 McDade’s Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale NAF TAF

1 Cozens & Buckley’s Bhyllsacre Babycham Sable Lovely head, eye and expression, very sound, moved with drive, Stood 4 square at all times. Well presented
2 Blaikie’s Kourika Kandita  Beautiful blue merle of excellent colour. Head is a joy, gorgeous expression, good front but unfortunately her back end let her down
3 Corney’s Apatite Skyes at Yenroc

1 Walder’s Jolie Blond de Cabrenysset for Hanvale Imp Fra, Sable in excellent coat which was so well presented, Stood and showed off her virtues. Moved very well
2 Rutherford’s Treeview Tell no Secrets of Kelbewood, Sable, nice head with sweet almond eye, moved well both ways very ayyentive to handler
3 Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga All Saints at Nithview

1 Brand’s Ronansprey Rumour Has It ShCM blue merle I have judged before, lovely girl who is a credit to her owner, I like her head everything in the right place she has a correctly shaped eye and she uses her ears well, Movement coming and going was excellent. Well turned out
2 Walkers’s Julia of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga Imp FRA Sable Not a happy girl today and just would not show off her virtues.  She would look so much better if she would get some confidence and show on a loose lead. Lovely girl with some great qualities. Beautifully presented
3 Tame’s Rahlissa Love Song

1 Shipp’s Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro Imp HUN sable what a gorgeous girl she is, stood and showed herself off. Lovely head, flat skull and good stop, good underjaw, lovely almond eye and ears right on top giving her the desired expression. Good arched neck into well laid shoulder, plenty spring of rib, well bent stifles and neat hocks. Movement was good. Just the shape I was looking for. Coat fitted her outline and was well presented. Pleased to award her the CC and on the referee’s decision BOB and BIS
2 McGowan’s Barrenclough Golden Charm at Westoak another lovely sable who was unlucky to meet 1, lovely head and expression coming from correctly placed  and shaped eye. Used her ears well and was very attentive to her handler. Moved freely and well turned out
3 Scott’s Chantique Fairy Dust

1 Blaikie’s Kourika Karrizma Gorgeous tri has the most melting expression, excellent head with level planes and just the right amount of stop, ears are correctly placed, her conformation and movement is faultless. Turned out to perfection. Wish she would just try a bit harder Res CC and on referee’s decision Res BOB
2 Harrison’s Cariadhaf Candy Kisses, lovely blue merle, unlucky to meet 1. Good head and backskull, sweet eye and good stop, ears are correctly placed and she used them well, good reach of neck, and correct body shape, went well even although she slipped on the floor, well presented
3 Brand’s Ronansprey Midnight Kiss

Lyn Maxwell (Judge)