I would like to thank the Collie Association for allowing me the pleasure of Judging this 80th anniversary show, I was very pleased with my excellent entry, the overall quality and movement of the bitches was very good. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my very capable stewards for keeping things moving along so smoothly.


Veteran (11)
1st Mclaughlin’s CH Derbypark Could It Be Magic For Brihow JW 8 yrs young tri, what a start to be able to find a beautiful exhibit like this, presented in superb condition, her head is a joy to handle, correct lay of shoulders and a good length of body giving plenty of heart room, movement was effortless and as her name suggests she is magic. Best Veteran in Show
2nd Cooney’s Emryks Ellie at Lingwell S/W one day short of her tenth birthday and she is still enjoying her day out, good head properties with a correct shaped almond eye, well placed ears, all together giving a melting expression, her overall body shape suggested that she would move well which she did, just unfortunate to meet 1 in such fine form.

Minor Puppy (14)
1st Cronk’s Chelborn Kiss’ N Desire 6 month S/W super little bitch superbly presented as one comes to expect from this kennel, her expression was melting she has a good reach of neck her body shape is well balanced and her movement is very good for one so young, one for the future. Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show, well done.
2nd Walder’s Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset For Hanvale 8 month S/W very similar to 1  but not as composed, she needs time to settle this I am sure will come with maturity,  she has a lovely body shape and when she decides to show herself off she should do well.
Puppy (17)
1st White’s Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola 9 month tri won this class ( the biggest of the day) with ease, viewed from the side her body shape was very pleasing to the eye her head is not the type I would usually go for but she had just enough stop, couple this with her shape and movement and it was enough to win her the class.
2nd Jackson’s Sassari Sea Shimmer 11month B/M in complete unison with her handler, nice wedge shaped head, neat well placed ears culminating in a sweet expression, colour was good, movement was ok.

Junior (12)
1st Blaikie’s Kourika Karrizma 17 month tri and as her name suggests she is very charismatic, she is very typical of the breed, she is at one with her handler and shows herself off so well, her head is a delight to handle, she covers the ground with ease when on the move with a level top line and she was very well presented in full coat.
2nd Mclenahan’s Tiganlea Tickled Pink With Shelfpark 17 month S/W good head properties giving a very sweet expression, but she does need to lose a few pounds to enable her to move better, then she will be a different bitch.

Yearling (6)
1st Pitchfork’s Merrimede Lovin Spoonfull 18 month S/W a quality bitch, super head giving a sweet expression when she used her ears, good length of body with plenty of heart room, correct angle of croup, movement was good and presentation was excellent.
2nd Milligan’s Ladnar Mystic Circle With Alfsden 19 month B/M good quality bitch she stood and showed well she has a well balanced head with the correct amount of stop, giving a sweet expression, good body shape and she moved well.

Novice (11)
1st Mcdade’s Aaronwell Anastasia With Lyndale 9 month S/W very nice puppy who should do well as she matures she was placed fourth in the very large puppy class, she stands four square and shows herself off well, her overall body shape is very pleasing and she moved ok for one so young.
2nd Milligan’s Ladnar Mystic Circle With Alfsden.

Graduate (11)
1st Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian 2yr S/W another quality bitch with a well balanced head, correctly placed eyes and ears culminating in a sweet expression, good body shape with well laid back shoulder’s, good length of body,  altogether her body shape is very pleasing to the eye, her movement was very good.
2nd Margetts Collingvale Caviar 2yr tri, not much to pick between 1 and 2 they will probably swap places in the future under different Judges. what pleased me about this girl was her confirmation she is so well balanced ,her movement lets you know this,

Post Graduate (7)
1st Aikman’s Welanga Fire Opal 3yr B/M nicely coloured and well presented, very attentative to her handler, she has a good reach of neck, her movement was very good.
2nd Grindley’s Lanrue Ladybird Of Myriehewe 2yr S/W another very nice well presented bitch who needed to settle, her head is a clean wedge shape with well placed almond eyes giving a sweet expression, very good on the move with a good level top line.

Mid Limit (8)
1st Flint’s Erjon Emma Jean With Highnol JW 3yr S/W a super bitch very well presented in full coat, her head is a joy to handle, good ear carriage, correctly placed eyes all coming together to give that gorgeous expression that is one of the main attributes of the Rough Collie, she has a good length of body that houses plenty of heart room enabling her to move with ease.
2nd Hall’s Lynmead Amalie Aim For Love Over Sambreeze 3yr S/W very similar type to 1 but not quite as long in body, but still a nice shape she has good head properties and her movement was very good.

Limit (16)
1st Mitchell and Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction 5 yr S/W of superb quality and she was not on her own there were a good few quality bitches in this class, but for me Secret Attraction stood out, she was the jewel in the crown she certainly attracted me. She was superbly presented in full flowing coat her head is well balanced, viewed from the side she looks a picture, good angulation enabled her to cover the ground with ease, very pleased to award her the res C/C
2nd Hawkins Brylyn Feel The Difference 5yr S/W another super bitch so well presented as is the norm for this kennel she oozes quality from the tip of her nose to the tip of her well placed and well carried tail construction was sound good angle of croup, good turn of stifle
she covered the ground with ease.

Open (12)
1st Hodges Jopium Secret Star 5yrS/W I do not know about secret but she was the star of the show for me, i have enlarged her head on the photo I took and it is so well balanced, good strong underjaw, well rounded muzzle, lovely almond eyes, correctly placed ears all this culminating in the most  delightful sweet feminine  expression, she has well angulated shoulders and a good length of body with ample amount of heart room, her movement was superb she covered the ground with ease, I was  pleased to award her the C/C
(her third) Very pleased after consulting with my Co-Judge to see her go B.O.B. and delighted to see the B.I.S. Referee Mrs A.Speding award her Best In Show. Well done.
2nd Hawkins and Foy’s Fr CH Eloise Des Beldones 5yr S/W another super bitch with all the right attributes of the breed she has a lovely melting expression which comes from the fact that all the head properties come together to supply the expression, she was well presented in full coat that was groomed to perfection, her movement was excellent.

Judge Rod Slater