Collie Association Club Show
Smooth Collies
24 Nov 2019

I'd like to Thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their breed club show which had a lovely friendly atmosphere all day. Pleased to see my BV Smooth Collie go overall Best Veteran in Show & my BP go overall Best Puppy in show under BIS judge.

Veteran Dog/Bitch 2
Notes say two lovely sound veteran bitches.
1st Benton's; Ch Alopex Marionette Of Oakestelle; 11 years old an didn't show her age at all. Lovely blunt wedge shaped head with well-placed ears, dark almond shaped eyes giving lovely sweet expression, black pigmentation to nose & lips, with strong under jaw, muscular neck on well-placed shoulders, chest deep with well sprung ribs, & firm topline, well-muscled hindquarters with well bent stifle, feet well cushioned & tight. Steady & effortless on the move. RBB & BV. In bigger ring later she really showed her steady ground covering movement & lovely to see her go BVIS.
2nd Russell's; Ch Manordeifi Satin Doll Of Koczkodan, VW; 10 year old bitch, beautifully balanced bitch & similar to 1st in condition, just preferred 1st head & expression.

Puppy Dog 3
1st Cooper's; Breckamore Beat That; not a lot to split these two at this stage, I just preferred this boy’s head at moment, although he needs to lengthen slightly in the body, just slightly more settled on move to.BPD
2nd Martin & Howard's; Shandlmain Blu Chief; head just needs to fill out a bit, but preferred his length of body proportions to 1st, but jut didn’t seem to settle on move. But lovely clear coat coloring for a Merle.

Junior Dog 2
1st Cole's; Shulune Imperial Kasvelyn; slightly smaller than 2nd in frame but has lovely blunt wedge-shaped head with good ear placement, dark obliquely set eyes & good under jaw. Muscular neck & good lay back of shoulder, chest just right depth for age & legs parallel viewed from front, well sprung ribs & firm loin, with well-muscled hindquarter & well bent stifle, tight feet & moved at just right pace. RBD
2nd Bodel's; Blamorder New Dawn Over Lionsridge; lovely shape, bit bouncy on move.

Post Grad Dog 3
1st Bodel's; Blamorder New Dawn Over Lionsridge; Moved much better in this class not so busy, head just to broaden slightly, good under jaw developing & nice reach of neck, ribs well sprung & good rear angulations, quite steady on move in this class.
2nd Vickery's; Oakestelle Sebastian Bach, RL2; judged this boy before & he is very soundly constructed just felt today was not moving out as well as he can.

Open Dog 1
1st Smith's; Esp/PT/GIB/Int Ch Winter Is Coming To Tentola; Lovely masculine male. Masculine blunt wedge  shape head with eyes obliquely set, ears alert at all times very attentive, nice arch of neck on well laid shoulders with good depth of chest,  parallel when viewed from front & rear, with good length of back & firm over the loin, well-muscled hindquarters & hocks well let down. Very steady on move & lovely harsh coat with clear coat markings for merle. BD/ BOB
Puppy Bitch 1
1st Timperon, Williams, Lusty & Timperon's; Blamorder Fancy Patter; 8mths old. Steady confident young female, good head proportions with correct bite, eyes obliquely set & good ear carriage. Strong neck on well-placed shoulders, nice spring of rib & chest just the right depth for age, good length of back with firm loin & well-muscled hindquarters. Moved out well. BPB & BPIS

Junior Bitch 2
1st Fort's; Shulune Imperial Seduce Me; lovely feminine sound bitch, slightly smaller framed than 2nd & preferred her overall shape. neat blunt wedge shaped head, dark almond shaped eyes, with nicely rounded muzzle & good under jaw, muscular neck on well-placed shoulders, with good depth of chest & legs parallel to ground, well sprung ribs with strong topline, well-muscled hindquarters & well bent stifles, allowed easy effortless movement.
2nd Timperon, Williams, Lusty & Timperon's; Blamorder Go Romancing; at this stage not quite so refined in head to 1st or as light on her feet on the move.

Post Grad Bitch 1
1st Russell's; Koczkodan Midnight Sun JW; Nice head & expression, good eye shape, correct bite with good under jaw, strong neck & well laid shoulders, good length of back & well-muscled hindquarters allowed steady movement.
Limit Bitch 2
1st Fort's; Shulune Imperial Design; feminine bitch, wedge shaped head with good ear placement nicely tipped, dark obliquely set eyes, moderate arch of neck on well-placed shoulders, with good depth to chest & ribs well sprung, firm back with strong loin & good rear angulations with plenty of muscle tone, well bent stifle & hocks well let down, feet well padded, very steady ground covering movement.

Open Bitch 2
1st Fort's; Shulune Imperial Storm; Really liked this bitch for her lovely clean balanced outline. Feminine blunt wedge shaped head & soft expression, well rounded muzzle, obliquely set eyes, nicely tipped ears, correct bite & strong under jaw, muscular neck on well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, firm  back with good rear angulations & well bent stifle, parallel when viewed front & rear. Effortless on the move & with easy ground covering movement BB
2nd Benton's; Oakestelle Venus de Milo; daughter of veteran class, so similar to her dam, beautiful profile & on move, just preferred 1st head & expression.

Sue Bird (Bridus)