Rough Collie Dogs – Mrs. I. Cummings
Rough Collie Bitches – Mrs. V. Anderton
Smooth Collies – Mrs. Jane Lilley
BIS/Referee/K.C. Breeder’s Competition – Mrs. A. Arch

BCC Buebezi Belle Mystique de Cathyja (Imp Fra)
RBCC Ladnar Skylark JW
DCC/BIS Chelhaven on a Promise at Sandcourt
RDCC Ch Ladnar Kingfisher JW
BPIS Collingvale Creme Caramel
RBIS Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW (Smooth)


Veteran Dog (8,3)
1st Ch Antoc Dark Moon Rising JW
2nd Brilyn Secret Weapon
3rd Maysinder Pride of Atens
Res Ingledene Power Game for Dancol
VHC Ch Saganan Aristotle

Minor Puppy Dog (7,2)
1st Riverside Song Kisses of Fire (Imp Rom) BPD
2nd Brilyn Intoxicated
3rd Jopium Touch of Ice at Highnol
Res Ladnar Double Dutch
VHC Shandlmain Santiago Blue

Puppy Dog (8,2)
1st Triburle Zachary
2nd Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail
3rd Rosschell It Started with a Kiss at Chelborn
Res Coarhabeg Snowy Albatross with Lewingay
VHC Sassari Saturn Sky over Aniesh

Junior Dog (8,1)
1st Starlenga Dizzie Rascal
2nd Lizmark Gold Standard
3rd Aldermeade Alexander
Res Mertrisa Emryks Destiny at Anpasch
VHC Nikal It's Gud to be Black

Yearling Dog (8,4)
1st Starlenga Mungo Jerry
2nd Amalie Lynmead Motivation for Meryctin
3rd Lekoy's Touch of Thunder
Res Salsina Smokescreen

Novice Dog (6,4)
1st Churchoak Tattler with Wicani
2nd Jopium Touch of Ice at Highnol

Graduate Dog (6,2)
1st Heyliajayz Dragonfly
2nd Lekoy's Touch of Thunder
3rd Sandcourt Sampsons Secret at Phylden
Res Nikal It's Gud to be Black

Post Graduate Dog (9,3)
1st Erjon Ebony Joker
2nd Darahill Chaos at Sablymyst
3rd Jameslovde Ice Blue Warrior
Res Antoc Kiss the Girls
VHC Salgardon Time on my Side at Tyfield

Mid Limit Dog (6,1)
1st Jopium Heart and Soul JW
2nd Lizmark Solid Gold
3rd Kelmbri Gran Torino
Res Ingledene All About Love
VHC Ingledene Love to the Max with Dancol

Limit Dog (14,3)
1st Jaybid Easy Lover
2nd Gerian Sunmaker of Roanburn
3rd Triburle Celtic Touch
Res Lanrue Orthello
VHC Hanvale Happy Go Lucky

Open Dog (16)
1st Chelhaven on a Promise at Sandcourt DCC
2nd Ch Ladnar Kingfisher JW RDCC
3rd Ch Samhaven on the Crest
Res Best Kept Secret at Vonarkle
VHC Choco Pops du Domaine Des Emeraudes at Triburle JW (Imp)

Veteran Bitch (10,3)
1st Hassallian Black Orchid
2nd Brilyn Sing a Rainbow at Elshajo
3rd Aldermeade Heidi Klum JW
Res Neneland Natural Spirit at Alfsden JW
VHC Corydon Rio Onda at Bellawave

Minor Puppy Bitch (19,3)
1st Shandlmain Pesquero Blue
2nd Elshajo Moon Star
3rd Wicani Flawless Diamond
Res Erjon Elizabeth Arden
VHC Jopium Stars in the Mist

Puppy Bitch (8,2)
1st Collingvale Creme Caramel BPIS
2nd Deanjan Dynamite Dame
3rd Telforth Loves Dream
Res Sandcourt Timeless

Junior Bitch (14,1)
1st Welanga Fire Storm for Rashel
2nd Collingvale Creme Brulee
3rd Maqueeba Blue Dreams
Res Seryphina So in Love with Bellawave
VHC Lynmead Amalie Love is Blue at Telforth

Yearling Bitch (13,3)
1st Chelhaven Playing around Chelborn
2nd Heyliajayz Date with Destiny
3rd Atendus Shared Wish with Antoc
Res Roanburn Jazzberry
VHC Lanlin Remember Me

Novice Bitch (9,4)
1st Maqueeba Blue Dreams
2nd Lanlin Remember Me
3rd Jopium Magic Moments with Highnol
Res Tudorlyn Star Quality
VHC Mertrisa Damsel in Blue at Deanjan

Graduate Bitch (13,4)
1st Chelborn She's the One for Lyndale
2nd Kourika Karazmatic
3rd Tiganlea Amazing Time
Res Chantique Scarlett O'Hara
VHC Atendus Quick Step to Antoc

Post Graduate Bitch (17,4)
1st Bluchip Vanilla Skye
2nd Love is a Blonde at Lynmead TAF
3rd Rossavon Drfeam Come Blue JW
Res Brodcol Gosh I'm Gorgeous

Mid Limit Bitch (18)
1st Corydon La Donnarita
2nd Marjalu Talk Talk
3rd Wicani Wears Red
Res Boughlee Wannabe a Star
VHC Collingvale Creme Brulee JW

Limit Bitch (16)
1st Ladnar Skylark JW RBCC
2nd Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin
3rd Coarhabeg Air Waves over Mikelene
Res Demelewis Mooncatcher
VHC Buebezi Bisou Avec Derbypark JW

Open Bitch (15)
1st Buebezi Belle Mystique de Cathyja (Imp Fra) BCC
2nd Boughlee Midnight Sky
3rd Samhaven Happy Hour
Res Brooklynson Martini
VHC Bluchip Secret Sky

Best of Breed                        Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW                              


Reserve Best of Breed           Ch Foxearth Frappuccino


Best Opposite Sex                  Ch Foxearth Frappuccino


Best Puppy In Breed             Finnish Touch for Breckamore


Best Veteran In Breed          Cheridor Im Mr Blue at Newarp (Imp Aus)