Mrs Nadine George (Beulah)

One of the Collie Association’s founder members and the first to hold this important post, which she combined with treasurer, but on the outbreak of war in 1939 the Collie Association appears to have entered a period of hibernation and by its end Mrs George had been elevated to Chairman. See Founder Members

Mrs S F Kearns

little is known about the Collie Association’s second Secretary other than she was something of a professional in this sphere, for Mrs Kearns’ letterhead lists a total of nine secretariats, including ‘The Kennel Club Council of Representatives’ and ‘Richmond Dog Show Society’ with which she had been associated since 1925 after accepting a temporary post as Assistant to Capt E. T. Cox, Richmond’s then Secretary. She obviously proved satisfactory as she remained in this post until Capt Cox retired, when she was promoted to Secretary a position she held until her sudden death in 1960, at which time she was also Secretary to ten specialist clubs, plus Show Manager to a further five.

Although Mrs Kearns did not remain at the Collie Association’s helm for long her choice had been fortuitous, and her Kennel Club connections had undoubtedly been influential in the Association’s promotion to Championship Show status in the immediate post-war period.

Above - Mrs Kearn's Letter Head from 1947

Miss Margaret Osborne [Shiel]

Miss Osborne accepted the role of secretary in 1951, bringing with her, her undoubted energy and enthusiasm. Over her 21 year tenure Miss Osborne was responsible for introducing many innovations in her continuing effort to promote the Collie Association, including the now famous Handbook, a quarterly newsletter, all of which she combined with a busy life which included managing a thriving kennel, demanding International judging commitments, in addition to writing Dog World Breed Note and specialist books on her favourite breeds.

It is interesting to note that in an effort to save much needed funds she also produced the Collie Association Show Catalogues, using nothing more sophisticated than a Gestetner Printing or duplicating machine. Having passed her mantel, including said Gestetner, which we are assured still adorns some forgotten corner of Brook Cottage, to Mrs Speding in 1971 the Collie Association elected her the club’s 1st Life Member, then in 1974 she returned to office as the Association’s Vice Chairman.

Above Margaret Osborne judging WELKS in 1958

Mrs Aileen Speding (Antoc)

Having been proposed by Mrs Franklin Mrs Speding joined the Collie Association committee in 1961. Following the Antoc’s move from London Mrs Speding became an enthusiastic supporter of ‘The Collie Associations South West Section’ and just prior to accepting the office of Secretary suggested and developed the now famous Champions Cards and Show Results booklets. In 1992, after passing the Secretarial Office to our current Secretary Mrs Speding was elevated to President on Mrs Margaret Franklin’s retirement.

Mrs Carole Smedley (Antoc)

Having been co-opted onto the Collie Association Committee in 1979, initially as an ex-officio member without voting rights but as a full member from 1982, completed a thirteen year apprenticeship as Assistant Secretary before graduating to the Secretary’s Office in 1992. Presiding over the Collie Association’s successful move to Coventry in her first year at her new post, and in a period of generally reducing entries piloted the Collie Association’s Championship Show to its current enviable position of attracting one of the largest Rough Collie entries each year.

A natural administrator Carole has combined her Collie Association role with committee work for the ‘National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society’, where she assisted the Secretary by running its annual January Open Show, until 2006, and currently serves on the committee of the ‘Ladies Kennel Association’ whose principal event is their December Championship Show. Additionally, as a Member of the Kennel Club since 1999, she represents the Pastoral Group on the Kennel Club’s ‘Breed Standards and Stud Book Committee’, as well as being a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer in ‘Kennel Club Rules & Regulations (Show)’ and ‘Ring Stewarding’ both courses being requirements under the Kennel Club’s current criteria for Proposed New Judges.


Mrs Jan Underdown (Clynelish)

Jan is a relative newcomer to the breed with just over 15 years experience in breeding and exhibiting Rough Collies.

Was bought up in a household in Manchester whose interest was in training Greyhounds and Whippets. Dogs have always played a big part of her interests and lifestyle.

Exhibited and bred Cocker Spaniels and English Setters during 1970s and 80s and worked on West of England Cocker Spaniel Club as a committee member and Treasurer.

Played a role on West of England Collie Society’s committee for seven years until co opted onto the Collie Association’s committee in 2003 as Assistant Secretary, became Acting Secretary in July 2007 and elected Secretary in March 2008.

Jan is a Course Director for a London based Project and Programme Management training and education company, with over twenty years project management experience, which is an excellent skill set for holding the office of secretary for this prestigious breed club.

Current President
Mrs Sandra Wigglesworth (Sandiacre)

Sandra came into the breed in 1962 in her early twenties, and owned her first Champion in 1969, and has since spent over 46 years in Collies, having owned/bred 22 English Champions, plus 50 Champions throughout the World.

Sandra's first judging appointment at Championship show level was for the Collie Association in 1975 at Kingston Upon Thames.

Sandra later joined the Collie Association committee in 1975 where the then committee meetings were held at Weedon Northants, and served the club for several years, with such famous names as Geoff & Pat Mildon ( Geoffdon)  and Vera Hickson ( Bririch) and Aileen Speding( Antoc) who was the then Secretary, and Margaret Franklin, (Pattingham) President, who were her Mentors.
Sandra has had a predominantly sable kennel, although she has bred and exhibited Collies in all three colours, plus exporting many Collies who have become Champions throughout the world.
She became an International judge of The Rough and Smooth Collies in 1978 judging in sixteen different countries, including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and has returned to Scandinavia & Europe on numerous occasions.

Besides having the experience of judging Collies all over the world, she has visited the Collie Club of America, and judged Collies as far away as Moscow gaining a great amount of knowledge and experience.