Collie Association Handbook

Margaret Osborne [Shiel], having persuaded ‘The Collie Association’ committee to adopt a policy of breeder/exhibitor education, took on the task of editing the now much sought after ‘Collie Association Handbook’, a first for any British Collie Club, of 1952. Printed by Renault Printing Company in Birmingham, and complied by the Handbook Sub-Committee of Mr S Allsop [Wychelms] Mrs Nadine George [Beulah] and Miss Clare Molony [Westcarrs], all of which supplied major contributions to the text A significant portion of this work is devoted to Miss Osborne’s lineage research illustrated by her Collie Lines and Family charts depicting Tail Male lines and Female Collie families of post war winners. Of equal interest is the Portrait Gallery, with 3 generation pedigrees, of CC Winners, which includes such famous names as: Int Ch Lochinvar of Ladypark born 1 Feb. 1947, Chs Beulah’s Golden Futureson (28.2.43) and Beulah’s Golden Conquest (28.11.46) photographed against a backdrop of major trophies prior to being exported to the USA, also shown are the Smooth Collie Champions Laund Main (15.11.45) and Wychelms Silver Maid born July 1941.

In addition to Miss Molony’s ‘Rough Collies Between The Wars’ article, Mrs George’s advice on ‘Selecting a Puppy’, Mr Allsop covers the Smooth Collie, Mrs Ada Bishop [Laund] supplies a brief insight into her father, Mr W. W. Stansfield, and the Laund Kennel, nor are Bearded Collies forgotten. The membership list, dated 30 September 1951, reading like a whose who of historical kennel names includes Peterblue, Killartry, Shearcliffe, Riffelsee, Ladypark, Lyncliffe, Mariemeau, Mywicks, Alphington, Shiel, Helengowan, and many more.

Kennel advertisements making up the remainder feature a memorial to Mr F. W. Ball and his Backwoods Collies, and include entries from Wythenshawe, Ladypark, and Riffelsee, perhaps better known today as Hazel Hunt’s Rifflesea, but the highlight must be the eleven page pictorial history of Mrs George’s Beulah kennel spanning a 28 year period from 1920.

The Collie Quarterly
A variety of other publications followed, including another Collie Breed Club first in ‘The Collie Quarterly’ a simple newsletter, produced by Miss Osborne on a ‘Gestetner’ , supplied free to members over a ten year period from the mid 1950s.


Pedigrees and Show Results
From 1970 until the popularity of Collie Handbooks made them superfluous at the end of the 20th century, ‘The Collie Association’ produced a continuing 3 generation pedigree record of Rough Collie Champions, published annually on A6 cards for storage in specially provided four ring binders, with accompanying list of Championship Shows, recording the names of judges and Challenge Certificate winners.
By 1975 a Championship Show Results book had been added, this recording first to third in each class at all Championship Shows awarded Challenge Certificates for Rough Collies, complete with the class entry and judges, again this publication was discontinued after 1999, although limited stocks are still available along with the 3 generation Pedigree Cards for each Champion attaining its title.