Like many societies the Collie Association has, throughout its existence, adopted a number of ways to honour those who have served both Rough Collies and the Collie Association. Honorary Life Membership was first introduced in 1972 in grateful thanks for Miss Margaret Osborne’s untiring championship of the Collie Association, and since that date it has been our preferred means of honouring those enthusiasts who have, over many years, given exemporary service to both Rough Collies and Collie Association, whether or not they have been committee members.

Honorary Life Membership has in the past been granted to:

Miss Margaret Osborne [Shiel] Collie Association Secretary 1951 – 1971 inclusive — see CA Secretaries – Margaret Osborne

Miss Clare Molony [Westcarrs] A founder member of the Collie Association, in addition to holding the posts of Collie Association Chairman and President at various periods throughout the Association’s history — see Founder Members – Miss Clare Molony

Mrs Beryl Hiles [Misba] Both Mr & Mrs Hiles were always loyal members of ‘The Collie Association’ and records show that there was hardly an Annual General Meeting that was not attended by either or both. In 1992 Mr Hiles proposed from the floor that Mrs Speding be made a Life Member, a proposal that was carried unanimously. Sadly in 1995, Mr Hiles died but Beryl, still with her collies, now family pets, maintained her interest in the Collie Association attending both Annual General Meetings and the Open Shows, health permitting. In 2006, a proposal for Life Membership was offered but sadly we were informed of her sudden death before this could be confirmed.

However, the family were so appreciative for the gesture knowing how much Beryl enjoyed the Collie Association that they have donated a collie painting in her memory.

Mrs Aileen Speding (Antoc) - Having been proposed by Mrs Franklin Mrs Speding joined the Collie Association committee in 1961. Following the Antoc’s move from London Mrs Speding became an enthusiastic supporter of ‘The Collie Associations South West Section’ and just prior to accepting the office of Secretary suggested and developed the now famous Champions Cards and Show Results booklets. In 1992, after passing the Secretarial Office to her daughter Mrs Carole Smedley, Mrs Speding was elevated to President on Mrs Margaret Franklin’s retirement.

New life Members 2014

Mrs Eleanor Oliver and Mr Bill Oliver (Amberglen) – elected life members in 2012 in celebration of their long service to the Collie Association since 1988, one of the club’s longest serving committee member.  Eleanor sadly passed away later that year.  Assisted by Bill her husband, Eleanor will always be remembered for their warm and friendly welcome to the Collie Association’s shows. 

Anne Hollywood (Amalie) – elected life member in 2014 after serving on the Collie Association’s committee since 1993.  Anne is the club’s Health Coordinator and one of the Rough Collie Breed Council representatives.

Trevor Haywood (Foxearth) – elected life member in 2014 in recognition of his serve to the Collie Association since 1998.